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Wrestle Zone Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Adam Brown02/11/30
Defeats Middleman, Colt Kennedy, and Kev O'Neil in a 4-way match to become the first champion; stripped on 03/03/10
Defeats Andy Baker.
General Trent Steel04/05/01
Iceman [2]05/02/23
Colin McKay05/07/02
Iceman [3] 05/10/14Shildon
Lance Thunder06/02/18Shildon
Tracy Smothers06/09/23Hartlepool
Vacates on 06/10/14.
Anthony McIntyre06/11/18Hartlepool
Defeats Iceman, Spitfire, and Lance Thunder in a 4-way match.
Sir Johnathon Britain07/06/01Seaham

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