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Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Tag Team Title
(as of 2015/04/24)

Lowlanders: Glen Dunbar & Grant Dunbar2005/08/20Bellshill
Defeat Adam Shame & Hatred to become the first champions.
T2K: Darkside & Wolfgang2006/01/14Bellshill
Defeat Glen Dunbar & Grant Dunbar, Johnny Darko & Pyro, and Mr. Natural & Pete O'Neil in a tag team gauntlet match.
Lowlanders [2]2006/05/13Bellshill
MEAT Inc.: Scott Renwick & The Raging Bull2006/06/17Clydebank
Shamrockers: Damien O'Connor & Pete O'Neil2006/09/16Clydebank
Ladykillers: Chris Charizma & Chris Renfrew2006/10/14Clydebank
Landstrom Institute: Hatred & Jamie Walker 2007/01/27Bellshill
Falcon & Wolfgang2007/04/21Clydebank
Britains Most Wanted: Damien O'Connor & Scott Renwick2007/06/09Clydebank
Fight Club: Jimmie James & Kid Fite2007/08/11Clydebank
Damned Nation: Dragon Aisu & Majik 2007/11/24Belshill
Adam Shame & Darren Lewis2008/05/17Bellshill
Declared vacant on the same day to be put on the line in the "Battlezone Rumble".
Damien O'Connor & Micken2008/05/17Bellshill
Wins the title in "Battlezone Rumble"; vacant on 08/09/13.
Britains Most Wanted [2]2008/09/20Glasgow
Win a 4-team gauntlet match.
Super Talent Initiative: Dickie Divers & William Grange 2009/05/30Glasgow
Disco Biscuits: Freddie Da Funk & Lil Magic M 2010/11/12 Govan
Aerodynamic Combat Explosion: Falcon & Black Samuri Jr. 2011/02/26 Glasgow
Defeat Disco Biscuits, Innovation2, WMD & Dickie Divers in a 4-way match.
Adam Shame & Raging Bull 2011/04/29 Govan
Eric Canyon & Reverend 2011/08/06
Canyon replaces the injured Bull and claim the title with the Reverend when Shame no-shows.
Britains Most Wanted [3] 2011/08/06 Clydebank
Eric Canyon & Adam Shame 2011/08/26 Motherwell
Weapons of Mass Destruction: John Graham & Nathan Black 2011/11/26 Motherwell
Defeat Adam Shame & Eric Canyon on 12/05/18 in Stirling to unify W3L title and become the Unified Scottish champions.
Britains Most Wanted [4] 2012/11/23 Motherwell
Masked Avengers: Tornado & Robbie Solar 2013/03/08 Ardrossan
Lose the W3L Title to Britains Most Wanted on 13/04/20 in Motherwell but retain the SWA Title.
The Forgotten: Alex Cavanagh & Glen Dunbar 2013/09/28 Glasgow
Muay Tache: Adam Carrel & DCT 2014/10/24 Renfrewshire
Polo Promotions: Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey 2015/04/24 Renfrewshire