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Premier British Wrestling
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/11/25)

BubbleFusion: Brad Fusion & Bubblegum 2006/10/21 Largs, Scotland
Defeat El Ligero & Jimmie James, Liam Thomson & Lionheart, and C.J. Hunter & Red Lightning in 4-way match to become the first champions.
Mike Musso & Nathan Reynolds 2008/04/12 Largs, Scotland
High Energy: C.J. Hunter & Johnny Starr 2008/10/11 Irvine, Scotland
Defeat Reynolds & T.J. Rage (subbing for Musso), BMW: Damian O'Connor & Scott Renwick, and CSI: Gary Cassidy & Sean South in 4-way elimination match.
Green White & Awesome: Jordan Devlin & Sean South 2009/04/25 Largs, Scotland
Defeat High Energy, Damned Nation: Dragon Aisu & Jon Cameron, and Team Italy: Kaio & Red Devi in 4-way match.
High Energy [2] 2009/10/17 Irvine, Scotland
Defeat South & Logan Storm (sub for Devlin).
Final Cut: Liam Thomson & Noam Dar 2010/05/01 Largs, Scotland
Lionheart (Leon Lionheart) & Wolfgang 2011/04/23 Largs, Scotland
Blazin' Rampage: Chris Rampage & Davey Blaze 2012/09/21 Alloa, Scotland
Defeat Lionheart & Falcon (sub for Wolfgang).
Just Uz: B.T. Gunn & Stevie Xavier 2013/11/02 Greenock, Scotland
Defeat Blaze & Tommy Marx (sub for Rampage), Project Ego: Kris Travis & Martin Kirby, and Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey in 4-way match.
James Scott/Darkside & T.J. Rage 2015/04/25 N. Lanarkshire, Scotland
Scott starts wrestling as Darkside in 15/10.
Grado & Kenny Williams 2015/11/14 N. Lanarkshire, Scotland
Krieger & Lou King Sharp 2016/10/29 Greenock, Scotland