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Premier British Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/11/25)

Wolfgang2006/03/31Glasgow, Scotland
Defeats Drew Galloway in tourhament final to become the first champion.
James Wallace 2007/09/15Irvine, Scotland
Wolfgang [2] 2008/04/12 Largs, Scotland
Defeats Wallace, Darkside, and Lionheart (Leon Lionheart) in 4-way match.
Lionheart (Leon Lionheart)2008/12/06Barrhead, Scotland
B.T. Gunn2011/02/19Greenock, Scotland
Liam Thomson2012/11/30Dumbarton, Scotland
El Ligero2014/05/02Greenock, Scotland
Stripped on 15/09/15 for no-showing several scheduled defenses.
Jack Jester 2015/10/24 Airdrie, Scotland
Defeats Wolfgang in tournament final.
B.T. Gunn [2] 2016/04/30 Greenock, Scotland
Stevie Xavier 2017/11/25 Dumbarton, Scotland