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Last updated on 2015/05/28

British Heavyweight Title
[Joint Promotions]

Ernie Baldwin1952/01<Newcastle
Defeats Dave Armstrong in tournament final.
Alf Rawlings 1953  
Dai Sullivan 1953  
Ernie Baldwin [2] 1953  
Tony Mancelli 1954/08/05 Wimbledon
Ernie Baldwin [3] 1953  
Tony Mancelli [2] 1955/09/09  
Vacant in 55.
Bert Assirati [2] 1955/10/19  
Defeats Ernie Baldwin; stripped by Joint Promotions in 58; continues to claim title and is recognized by British Wrestling Federation; stripped by BWF in 60 while recovering from injury.
Billy Joyce1958/04/15London
Defeats Gordon Nelson in tournament final.
Ernie Baldwin [4]1959/11Glasgow
Billy Joyce [2]1959/12
Dennis Mitchell1959/12
Billy Joyce [3]1960/07/15Bradford
Shirley Crabtree wins a tournament for BWF version in 60.
Geoff Portz1964/03/09Bradford
Billy Joyce [4]1964/09/26Middlesborough
Albert Wall1966/02/20Nottingham
Gwynn Davies1966/02/17Nottingham
Billy Joyce [5]1966/03/17Nottingham
Ian Campbell1966/05/04Perth
Billy Joyce [6]1966/06/28Edinburgh
Becomes the undisputed champion when Shirley Crabtree vacates the BWF version in 66 and no replacement is crowned.
Billy Robinson1967/01/18Manchester
Vacant in 70/02 when Robinson leaves for North America.
Albert Wall [2]1970/04/13Nottingham
Defeats Steve Veidor.
Gwynn Davies [2]1971/01/18Loughborough
Albert Wall [3]1971/05/08Manchester
Vacant in 74 when Wall retires temporarily.
Gwynn Davies [3]1975/02/15Manchester
Tony St. Clair1977/05/28Manchester
Giant Haystacks1978/11/23London
Tony St. Clair [2]1979/04/25London
Moves to All Star Promotions in 82 with the title; recognition eventually withdrawn by Joint Promotions in 85.
Ray Steele 1985/05/14 Croydon
Defeats Pete Roberts.
Pat Roach 1986/03/18 Dorking
Vacates on 86/08/07.
Dalibur Singh 1986/10/02 Bradford
Defeats Ray Steele; joins All Star and renounces his claim in 89; Tony St. Clair becomes undisputed champion

* See ASW British Heavyweight Title.