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Frontier Wrestling Alliance ( 2001/07 - 2007/03 )
International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom ( 2006/11 - )
All England Title
(as of 2017/12/17)

Scottie Rock 2001/07/09
Awarded as the first champion.
Jonny Storm2001/07/29Portsmouth
Ahmed Chaer2001/08/26Essen, GER
Paul Travell2001/09/01Harrow
Mark Sloan2001/12/14London
Zebra Kid2002/07/05Telford
Jack Xavier #2003/03/16Hoddesdon
Zebra Kid # 2003/03/19
Returned to Kid since Xavier's win takes place while he is suspended.
Chris Hamrick2003/04/21Morecambe
Jonny Storm [2]2003/04/26Sudbury
Zebra Kid [2]2003/04/27Portsmouth
Vacant on 03/10/18 when Kid no-shows for a scheduled defence against Flash Barker due to car troubles.
Hade Vansen2003/10/18London
Defeats Flash Barker.
Leroy Kincade2005/10/16Hoddesdon
Stripped on 06/11/19 for siding with IPW:UK in an inter-promotional feud with FWA.
Defeats Kincade, who still claims the title, in an IPW:UK match which will only be sanctioned by FWA if Iceman wins.
Sam Slam 2007/03/25 Orpington
FWA's last card.
Jonny Moss 2008/09/28 Wolverhampton
Defeats Slam in the quarter-finals of the British National Championship tournament.
Terry Frazier 2008/10/26 Bromley
Defeats Moss in the British National Championship tournament final.
Leroy Kincaide 2009/07/05 Sittingbourne
Unified with IPW:UK Title on 09/09/13 in Sittingbourne when Kincaide defeats Alex Shane; loses the Unified Title to Dave Mastiff on 10/10/21 in Sittingbourne.
Sha Samuels 2012/09/15
Reigning Unified Champion, claims he has never unified the titles and de-unifies All England Title.
Zack Sabre Jr. 2013/05/18Swanley
Jonny Storm [3] 2013/10/20 London
Darrell Allen 2014/05/25 Tonbridge, Kent
Defeats Storm in the semi-final of the British National Championship tournament.
R.J. Singh 2014/11/16 Snodland, Kent
Vacant on 15/01/10 after Singh retires.
Grado 2015/03/15 Tonbridge, Kent
Wins 30-man battle royal.
Jimmy Havoc 2015/03/15 Tonbridge, Kent
Also defeats Bad Bones on 15/08/09 in Tonbridge, Kent to win World Title.
Sammy Smooth 2015/09/19 Tonbridge, Kent
Defeats Havoc in "UK Future 8 2015" tournament final; World Title not on the line.
Scott Star 2016/10/22 London
Defeats Smooth in "UK Future 8 2016" tournament final.
Sammy Smooth [2] 2017/03/19 Rochester, Kent
Scott Star [2] 2017/05/21 Rochester, Kent
Earl Black Jr. 2017/07/23 Rochester, Kent
Wins an 8-man "Super Scrum" against Scott Star, Adam Maxted, El Phantasmo, Jonathan Windsor, Sammy Smooth, Sid Scala, and Spud.
Adam Maxted 2017/09/22 Canterbury