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Frontier Wrestling Alliance
European Heavyweight Title

Stuart Fury 2000/10/28 Ridderkerk, NED
Defeats TAFKA Lightning Lei and Rockin' Agony in 3-way match; Lei may be billed as champion entering the match.
Jody Fleisch 2000/10/29 Portsmouth
Defeats Fury and Scott Parker in 3-way match.
Scottie Rock 2001/04/14 Chelmsford
Vacant on 01/07/09.
Robbie Brookside 2001/08/25 Bochum, GER
Defeats Cory K in tournament final to be recognized by European Wrestling Union.
Karl Krammer 2001/10/10 Berlin, GER
Wins title after Brookside fails to defend within 60 days.
The Flatliner 2002/02/01 Exmouth
Vacant on 02/02/17 due to leg injury.
Robbie Brookside [2] 2002/02/19 Yeovil
Defeats Justin Starr in tournament final.
Dave Taylor 2002/02/21 Weymouth
Robbie Brookside [3] 2002/02/22 Ventnor
Johnny Storm 2003/03/16 Hoddesdon
Defeats Jerry Lynn to be recognized by the California-based Xtreme Pro Wrestling but mainly defends the title on FWA cards; vacates in 04.