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Frontier Wrestling Alliance ( 1999/07 - 2007/03 )
X Wrestling Alliance ( 2007/04 - 2012/08 )
British Heavyweight Title

Mark Sloan99/07/11Portsmouth
Defeats Paul Glory in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Alex Shane00/02/27Erdington
Guy Thunder00/07/05Hertford
Stripped on 00/07/13.
Justin Richards00/08/05Halifax
Defeats Scottie Rock, Guy Thunder, and Jorge Castano in a 4-way match; stripped on 01/04/21 for missing the scheduled title defense.
Doug Williams01/05/19Portsmouth
Defeats Scott Parker in a tournament final.
Flash Barker02/03/22London
Jody Fleisch02/07/28Portsmouth
Stripped on 02/08/03.
Jody Fleisch [2]02/10/13London
Defeats Flash Barker.
Christopher Daniels02/10/25London
Defeats Fleisch and Doug Williams in a 3-way match.
Doug Williams03/03/22Philadelphia, PA
Alex Shane [2]04/11/13Coventry
Hade Vansen06/01/05Hoddesdon
Pins Joe Legend in a five-way match that also include Shane, Jody Fleisch, and Jonny Storm.
Robbie Brookside06/07/17Morecambe
Defeats Vansen and Jonny Storm in a 3-way elimination match; FWA is inactive after 07/03/25; recognized by XWA afterwards.
Jonny Storm 07/04/07Morecambe
Stevie Knight 08/07/05 Morecambe
Sam Slam 08/09/06 Morecambe
Spud 09/09/12 Morecambe
Defeats Sam Slam and Johnny Phere in a 3-way match.
Johnny Phere 10/04/03 Morecambe
Alex Shane 10/04/03 Morecambe
Johnny Phere [2] 11/10/08 Morecambe
Defeats Dave Rayne, subbing for Shane; XWA closes in 12/08.

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