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Last updated on 2015/03/27

British Heavyweight Title
[British Wrestling Association]

Atholl Oakeley 1930
Wins series of matches to become the champion; retires in 35 due to injury; Douglas Clark claims the title after 31/06; Michael O'Leary is billed as champion at the Blackfriar in London as of 32/09/01.
Bill Garnon1935London
Recognized as champion after Oakeley's retirement; has claimed the title since 34 although he loses the version to Douglas Clark on 34/11/02 in Manchester; George Boganski is billed as champion in Manchester as of 36/02/28.
M. Fazal1937
Defeats Garnon for the title.
Alan Muir 1938
Holds both British and British Empire titles as of 38/02/24; George Gregory claims the title in the same year for winning by default when the claimant Douglas Clark no-shows scheduled defense; Gregory's version is later declared vacant.
Michael O'Leary 1938/09/24<
Defeats Muir for the title; vacant when O'Leary killed during the outbreak of the war.
Bert Assirati1945/01/27Manchester
Assirati had been claiming the title since Douglas Clark's reign; vacant in 1950 when Assirati leaves for India.