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British Women's Title
(as of 2002/07/01)

Nancy Barton1960s
Mitzi Mueller1970
Hellcat Haggetty1973<
Mitzi Mueller [2]1979/09/21?Liverpool?
Klondike Kate1983/12/07
Mitzi Mueller [3]1984/02<
Klondike Kate [2]1984/03/13
Mitzi Mueller [4]
Lolita Loren
Mitzi Mueller [5]
Vacant on 87/04/24 when Mueller retires.
Klondike Kate [3]1988/12/07Leamington Spa
Defeats Nicki Monroe in tournament final.
Nicki Monroe1992/02Bournemouth
Vacant in 96.
Julie Starr1997/08/30Norwich
Defeats Sweet Saraya.
Miss Britannia1998/01/17Norwich
Sweet Saraya1998/10<
Julie Starr [2]1999/01/27Norwich
Sweet Saraya [2]
Klondike Kate [4]
Sweet Saraya [3]
Klondike Kate [5]2001/06/20Barking
Vacant on 02/02/01 after Kate does not defend the title within 30 days; she prefers to defend European title instead.
Sweet Saraya [4]2002/02/20
Awarded as she is the top contender.

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