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British Heavy Middleweight Title

Joint Promotions ( 1953 - mid-1980s )
All Star Promotions ( mid-1980s - mid-1990s )

Eric Taylor1953
Vacant in 66 when Taylor leaves Joint Promotions.
Bert Royal1966/05/04<
Bert Royal [2]1968/01/16Blackburn
Defeats Peter Preston.
Jackie Pallo1969/04/21Nottingham
Bert Royal [2]1969/05<
Steve Logan1975/08/29Liverpool
Bert Royal [3]1975/11/11Manchester
Mark Rocco1977/06/11Manchester
Marty Jones1978/09/13Woking
Immediately vacates the title since Jones already holds light heavyweight title.
Mark Rocco [2]1978/12/06Blackburn
Defeats Chris Adams in 4-man tournament final; vacant in 81/08 when Rocco wins world title.
Alan Kilby1981/10/07Preston
Defeats King Ben in tournament final.
David Finlay1982/06/09Bath
Alan Kilby [2]1982/08<
David Finlay [2]1982/09/14Croydon
Alan Kilby [3]1982/11/10London
David Finlay [3]1982/11/15Bradford
Alan Kilby [4]1982/11
David Finlay [4]1982/12/21Wolverhampton
Alan Kilby [5]1983/01
Chic Cullen1984/03/21London
David Finlay [5]1984/09/29<
Chic Cullen [2]1985<
Rocky Morgan1986/01/07Croydon
Kung Fu1986/03/03Bradford
Chic Cullen [3]1987/05<
David Finlay [6]1987/09/17Bradford
Danny Collins1989/07/04Croydon
Richie Brooks1990/05/29Croydon
Danny Collins [2]1990/09/04Croydon

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