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Pre-2000 information last updated on 2015/03/27

All Star Wrestling
British Heavyweight Title

(as of 2015/11/17)

* Also known as Superslam Title after 2012.

Tony St. Clair 1982 
Has defated Giant Haystacks on 79/04/25 in London to win the Joint Promotion version; moves to All Star Promotions in 82 with the title.
Kendo Nagasaki (Peter Thornley)1988/04/07?Bristol?
Tony St. Clair [2]1988
Becomes undisputed champion after Joint Promotions champion Dalibur Singh joins All Star in 89 and renounces his claim.
David Finlay1990/02/06Croydon
Dave Taylor1991/04/06King's Lynn
Tony St. Clair [3]1993/05/04Croydon
Vacant in 95.
Dave Taylor [2]1995/07/04Croydon
Defeats Marty Jones in tournament final.
Marty Jones1996Croydon
Vacant in 96 upon retirement.
Karl Krammer 1996
Claims the title.
Robbie Brookside # 2001/12
Recognized by TWA; may also be recognized by All Star; stripped on 01/12/16 for sanctioning his own defenses resulting in a breach of contract.
Doug Williams 2001 
Recognized by All Star, possibly by defeating Robbie Brookside; also recognized by FWA; defeats Justin Starr on 02/01/26 in Bognor Regis for the TWA version.
Robbie Brookside2002/01/26Bognor Regis
May not be recognized by All Star; vacates on 02/02/01 in Exmouth and declares the winner of the royal rumble match that night, of which he enters, will be the new champion.
Justin Starr2002/02/01Exmouth
Wins a royal rumble; may not be recognized by All Star.
Doug Williams [2]2002/06/18Southampton
May continue to be recognized by All Star after losing to Brookside; defeats Zebra Kid in a tournament final to be recognized as Universal British Heavyweight champion by All Star, TWA, FWA, WAW, and Premiere Promotions; defeats TWA version champion Justin Starr in earlier round.
Robbie Brookside [2]2002/09/29Liverpool
Drew McDonald2005/06/07Croydon
Steve Sonic2006/01/17Croydon
Vacant in 06/06 when Sonic goes to America for a tryout with OVW, a developmental league for WWE.
James Mason2006/11/12Croydon
Wins a 4-way elimination match against Robbie Brookside, Doug Williams, and Drew McDonald.
Broody Steele2007/09/02Liverpool
The first non-British to hold the title.
Robbie Brookside [3]2008/02/11Liverpool
Vacant in 09/05 due to knee injury.
Bad News Brown (Rampage Brown) 2009/05/16 Hanley
Wins 4-way elimination final of an 8-man tournament against James Mason, Doug Williams, and Karl Kramer.
Dean Allmark 2010/10/02 Hanley
Rampage Brown [2] 2012/03/25 Croydon
Also billed as Superslam Title.
Dean Allmark [2] 2013/03/16 Hanley
Thunder (Darren Walsh) 2014/10/03 Croydon
Vacant in 15/09.
Sam Adonis 2015/10/03 Croydon
Defeats James Mason.