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One Pro Wrestling
World Tag Team Title

Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm06/05/27Doncaster
Defeat A.J. Styles & Christopher Daniels in tournament final to become the first champions.
Team SHAG: Colt Cabana & Darren Burridge06/10/14Doncaster
Defeat Storm & Fleisch and Chris Hamrick & Tracy Smothers in a ladder match; vacant on 07/04/06 when Cabana signs with WWE.
Dragon Hearts: Dragon Phoenix & Spud07/06/30Doncaster
Win a 6-team gauntlet match.
Damned Nation: Dragon Aisu & Majik07/10/13Doncaster
Hubba Bubba Lucha: Bubblegum & El Ligero08/03/16Edlington
Damned Nation: Dragon Aisu & Jon Cameron08/05/24Edlington
Project Ego: Kris Travis & Martin Kirby08/06/26Edlington
Defeat Aisu & Cameron and Brett Valentine & Nick Elite in a 3-way elimination match.
Fight Club: Kid Fite & Liam Thomson09/11/15Doncaster
Promotion closes on 11/05/28.

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