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World Greco-Roman Middleweight Championship Tournament

Date City Winner Promoter
1897/08/13 Brussels, BELMaurice Gambier (FRA)
1906 ??? Maurice Gambier (FRA)
1906 Hannover, GER Emile Vervet (FRA)
1919 Palermo, ITA Ubaldi Bianchi (ITA)
1923 ??? Oswald Buchheim (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1924/08/15 Munich, GER Hadji Weinura (Manchuria)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1925 ???Hadji Weinura (Manchuria)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1926/09/02 Francfort, GERSalvador Chevalier (FRA)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1927/06/08 Munich, GERFritz Kley (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1928/12/06 Munich, GERFritz Kley (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1929/09/30 Breslau/Wroclaw, GERGottfried Grüneisen (SUI)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1930/09/28 Breslau/Wroclaw, GERHans Kämpfer (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1931/10 Budapest, HUNGottfried Grüneisen (SUI)
1931/12/02 Munich, GERGottfried Grüneisen (SUI)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1932/12/07 Munich, GERRudolf Grüneisen (SUI)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1933/12/12 Berlin, GERFritz Kley (GER)VDB (Berlin, GER)
1934/12/22 Berlin, GERGottfried Grüneisen (SUI)VDB (Berlin, GER)
1934 Bucharest, ROM Armas Vichtonen (FIN)
1935/04 Vienna, AUT???
1935/12/05 Munich, GERFritz Kley (GER)DRV (Berlin, GER)
1938/12/15 Munich, GER Willi Müller (GER)DRV (Berlin, GER)

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