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Last updated on 2014/03/24

World Greco-Roman Heavyweight Championship Tournament

Date City Winner Promoter
1898/12/25 Paris, FRAPaul Pons (FRA)
1898/12 Paris, FRAKara Ahmed (TUR)
1899/05 St. Petersburg, RUSNicolai Petroff (BUL)
1899/11/30 Paris, FRAKara Ahmed (TUR)
1899/12/29 Paris, FRAPaul Pons (FRA)
1900/05/15 Berlin, GERPaul Pons (FRA)
1900 St. Petersburg, RUS Alexander Aberg (RUS)
1900/07/25 Vienna, AUT Paul Pons (FRA)
1900 Paris, FRA Kara Ahmed (TUR)
1900/12/18 Paris, FRA Laurent leBeaucairois (FRA)
1901/01/24 Hamburg, GER incomplete - Georg Hackenschmidt (RUS) leading
1901/05/05 Vienna, AUT Georg Hackenschmidt (RUS)
1901/12/19 Paris, FRA Georg Hackenschmidt (RUS)
1902/02 or 03 London, GBRJakob Koch (GER)
1902/10 Riga, RUSGeorg Lurich (RUS)
1902 Vienna, AUTJess Pedersen (DEN)
1903/06/06 Paris, FRAJess Pedersen (DEN)
1903 Lüttich/Liege, BELJess Pedersen (DEN)
1904/05/03 Berlin, GERJakob Koch (GER)
1905/12/12 Paris, FRAIwan Paddubny (RUS)
1906/04 Milan, ITAIwan Paddubny (RUS)
1906/11/23 Paris, FRAStanislaus Cyganiewicz-Zbyszko (POL)
1906/12/03 Paris, FRAIwan Paddubny (RUS)
1907/08/28 Vienna, AUTIwan Paddubny (RUS)
1907/12/09 Paris, FRAPaul Pons (FRA)
1907/12/16 Paris, FRAGiovanni Raicevich (ITA)
1908/07/15 Vienna, AUTSimon Antonitsch (AUT)
1908/11 Paris, FRAIwan Paddubny (RUS)
1908/11 Paris, FRAJess Pedersen (DEN)
1909/02/16 Milan, ITAGiovanni Raicevich (ITA)
1909/02 St. Petersburg, RUS Hans Schwarz Sr. (GER)
1909/06 St. Petersburg, RUSNicolai Wachturow (RUS)
1909 Francfort, GERIwan Paddubny (RUS)
1909/12/06 Munich, GERHans Schwarz Sr. (GER)
1909/12 Paris, FRA???
1910/01 Paris, FRAJess Pedersen (DEN)
1910/02 Berlin, GERJess Pedersen (DEN)
1910/04 Moscow, RUSAlexander Aberg (RUS)
1910/10 Paris, FRA???
1910/12 St. Petersburg, RUSKarl Kornatz (GER)
1911/02/15 Milan, ITAGiovanni Raicevich (ITA)
1911/04/11 Vienna, AUTJosef Steinbach (AUT)
1911/05 Hamburg, GERKarl Kornatz (GER)
1911/05/31 Hamburg, GERGeorg Strenge
1912/07/31 Hamburg, GERFred Marcussen (GER)
1912 Göteborg, SWE Hans Schwarz Sr. (GER)
1912 St. Petersburg, RUS Hans Kawan
1913 Vienna, AUT Hans Schwarz Sr. (GER)
1913/03 Kiew, UKRPaul Westergaard-Schmidt (GER)
1913 St. Petersburg, RUSErnst Erlenkamp (GER)
1914/01 Odessa, RUSJaan Jaago (EST)
1914/05/31 Breslau/Wroclaw, GER Alexander Aberg (RUS) and Karl Saft (GER)
1914/05 St. Petersburg, RUSJaan Jaago (EST)
1915 Moscow, RUS Jaan Jaago (EST)
1915 Amsterdam, NED Ernst Erlenkamp (GER)
1919/06 Dortmund, GERErnst Erlenkamp (GER)
1920/11 Düsseldorf, GERErnst Erlenkamp (GER)
1921/02 Berlin, GERPaul Westergaard-Schmidt (GER)
1921 Paris, FRA Constant leMarin (BEL)
1923/05 Cologne, GERPaul Westergaard-Schmidt (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1924/08/15 Munich, GERJaan Jaago (EST)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1925/06/30 Munich, GERJaan Jaago (EST)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1925/11 Paris, FRAJaan Jaago (EST)
1926/09/02 Francfort, GERPaul Westergaard-Schmidt (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1927/04 Vienna, AUTHans Schwarz Sr. (GER)
1927/06/08 Munich, GERHans Schwarz Sr. (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1928/12/06 Munich, GERJaan Jaago (EST)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1929 Bucharest, ROM Hans Schwarz Sr. (GER)
1929 ??? Theodor Sztekker (POL)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1930/10 Budapest, HUNHans Schwarz Sr. (GER)
1930 Madrid, ESP Jaan Jaago (EST)
1930 Francfort, GERTheodor Sztekker (POL)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1931/10/13 Hamburg, GERAlexander Garkawienko (POL)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1932/06/16 Vienna, AUTTheodor Sztekker (POL)
1933/12/20 Berlin, GER Alexander Garkawienko (GER)VDB (Berlin, GER)
1934/04/29 Vienna, AUTOtto Huhtanen (FIN)
1934/11/06 Breslau/Wroclaw, GERHans Schwarz Jr. (GER)VDB (Berlin, GER)
1934 Bucharest, ROM Otto Huhtanen (FIN)
1935 Warsaw, POL Alexander Garkawienko (POL)
1936/12/21 Hamburg, GERHans Schwarz Jr. (GER)DRV (Berlin, GER)
1937/10 Dresden, GERHans Schwarz Jr. (GER)DRV (Berlin, GER)
1938 Antwerp, BELHerbert Audersch (GER)
1950/12/14 Berlin, GER Hans Schwarz Jr. (GER)

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