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European Greco-Roman Middleweight Championship Tournament

Date City Winner Promoter
1922 Palermo, ITA Rudolf Grüneisen (SUI)
1922 ??? Tomas Cziruchin (RUS)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1923 ??? Tomas Cziruchin (RUS)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1924 ??? Hadji Weinura (Manchuria)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1925 ??? Hadji Weinura (Manchuria)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1926 ??? Gottfried Grüneisen (SUI)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1927 ??? Gottfried Grüneisen (SUI)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1928/07/28 Düsseldorf, GERLudwig Stoll (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1929 ??? Paul Favré (SUI)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1930 ??? Hans Kämpfer (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1931 Breslau/Wroclaw, GER Fritz Kley (GER)IRV (Berlin, GER)
1932 Breslau/Wroclaw, GERFritz DöhringIRV (Berlin, GER)
1933/11/27 Munich, GERFritz Kley (GER)VDB (Berlin, GER)
1934/11/19 Munich, GERFritz Kley (GER)VDB (Berlin, GER)
1935/09/15 Berlin, GERBruno Mosig (GER)DRV (Berlin, GER)
1951/03/19 Francfort, GER Willi Müller IBV

* See also IBV European Middleweight Championship Tournament (freestyle).

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