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Last updated on 2012/03/17

European Freestyle Heavyweight Championship Tournament
[independent promoters]

1948/09 Milan, ITANino Equatore
1951/05/01Hamburg, GERJosef Vavra
1952/03/31Berlin, GERHarry Pinetzki
1952/10/07Cologne, GERAdi Porizek
1953/06/20Hamburg, GERGedeon Gida
1953/12/06Bremen, GER???
1954/04/19Berlin, GERHermann Iffland
1955/12/19Francfort (Main), GER???
1957/09/01Berlin, GERRudi Saturski
1959/04/18Bremen, GERHans Dillinger or Jimmy Dula
1959/10/31Saarbrücken, GER???
1960/04/09Munich, GERPaul Berger
1964/08/18Francfort (Main), GERHans-Richard Behrens
1965/03/20Saarbrücken, GERErich Koltschak
1966/04/28Düsseldorf, GERAxel Dieter Sr.
1966/07/21Hannover, GERKiyomigawa
1967/07 Valkenburg, NEDPaul Berger
1971/12/16Bremen, GERIwan Strogoff
1974/12/21Bremen, GEROtto Wanz
1976/11/06Dortmund, GEROtto Wanz

* See also European Heavyweight Tournament (Austria).

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