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Freestyle Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Rich And Famous: Louis van Eden & Rich Boy01/02/03Voorburg, NED
Win tournament to become the first champions; vacant on 02/06/08 when van Eden is injured.
Long And Thick: Bas van Kunder & Mot van Kunder02/06/08Voorburg, NED
Defeat Beef Company: Mad Cow & The Bull and Tropical Heat: Eddy de la Combe & T. Quila in 3-way match.
Extreme Aggressors: Fury & Oger04/07/13Baarlo, NED
Deutsche Meister: Alex Pain & Steve Douglas05/02/27Eindhoven, NED
High Class Catch Club: Adam Polak & Baron von Hagen05/09/24Geleen, NED
Win a 5-team turnmoil match; vacant in 07/03.
DLC Brothers: Eddy de la Combe & Jamie de la Combe07/04/21Leek, NED
Defeat the Extreme Aggressors: Fury & Oger.
Rhys Richards & Ymah09/10/31Leek, NED
Jamie de la Combe & Lloyd Pengel10/11/06Leek, NED
Big Geert & Oger10/11/06Leek, NED
Gladiators Of Destruction: David Steel & Destructo10/11/06Leek, NED
Promotion closes in 11.

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