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Freestyle Championship Wrestling
Lightweight Title

Lightning Lei97/11/22Voorburg, NED
Defeats Lei Antrominus in tournament final to become the first champion.
Mot van Kunder99/09/05Brunssum, NED
Snake00/07/29Unna, GER
Defeats Mot Van Kunder and Tyrant in 3-way match; vacates on 00/10/28 due to injury.
TAFKA Lightning Lei [2]00/10/28Ridderkerk, NED
Defeats Rockin' Agony.
Luchadore Sitoci01/09/29Geleen, NED
Mot van Kunder [2]02/09/08Geleen, NED
X-Dream02/12/08Ede, NED
Win in a tag team match.
Eddy de la Combe03/06/01Baarlo, NED
Defeats X-Dream and Mot Van Kunder in 3-way match.
T. Quila03/07/19Scheveningen, NED
X-Dream [2]03/09/25Mill, NED
Defeats Eddy de la Combe in a match originally scheduled to be a 3-way with T. Quila.
Riptide05/01/29Gent, BEL
A female wrestler; vacant on 06/03/15 due to injury.
Tengkwa06/04/09Eindhoven, NED
Defeats Jonny Storm and Tommy End in 3-way match; vacates on 08/03/22 due to injury.
T. Quila [2]08/03/22Leek, NED
Defeats Andrew Patterson.
Johnny B-Wire08/08/23Leek, NED
Sheik Al-Aziz09/04/11Leek, NED
Title sold by B-Wire.
Jamie de la Combe10/11/06Leek, NED
Promotion closes in 11.

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