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Italian Championship Wrestling
Italian Women's Title
(as of 2014/05/10)

Queen Maya 2007/12/22 Pantigliate, Milano
Defeats Lisa Schianto to become the first champion.
Lisa Schianto 2008/06/07 Pantigliate, Milano
Queen Maya [2] 2008/10/26 Isola della Scala, Verona
Lisa Schianto [2] 2008/12/13 Pantigliate, Milano
Queen Maya [3] 2009/07/04 Grotte S. Stefano, Viterbo
Lisa Schianto [3] 2009/10/10 Ospedaletto, Pisa
Queen Maya [4] 2009/10/11 Ospedaletto, Pisa
Kia 2009/11/07 Pescantina, Verona
Lisa Schianto [4] 2010/02/06 Pavia
Queen Maya [5] 2010/11/21 Schio, Vicenza
Vacant after losing in a tag team match on 11/11/12.
Lady Lory 2013/12/27 Cecina, Livorno
Defeats Morgane Leigh.

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