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Italian Championship Wrestling
Italian Lightweight Title
(as of 2013/12/01)

Crazy G.2007/02/04 Vistarino, Pavia
Defeats Red Devil, Payday Patterson, Raid, Psycho Mike, and Ape Atomica in a 6-man elimination match to be the first champion.
Psycho Mike2007/06/09Bergamo
Puck2007/08/18 Brusson, Aosta
Charlie Kid 2007/12/22 Pantigliate, Milano
Puck [2] 2008/05/09 Verano Brianza, Milano
Black Jack 2008/05/10 Treviglio, Bergamo
Red Devil 2008/08/16 Brusson, Aosta
Davy White 2009/06/06 Lecco
Mr. Excellent 2009/09/05 Codogno, Lodi
Davy White [2] 2009/11/21 Codogno, Lodi
Dinamite Jo 2010/10/24 San Martino in Strada, Lodi
Psycho Mike [2] 2011/06/25 Codogno, Lodi
Corvo Bianco 2011/12/03 Olginate, Lecco
Dinamite Jo [2] 2012/03/31 Trescore Balneario, Bergamo
Corvo Bianco [2] 2012/04/28 Copiano, Pavia
Wins in a 6-man tag team match against Jo's team.
Alex Flash 2013/04/14 Copiano, Pavia
Defeats Bianco, Red Devil, Silver Star, Pegaso, and Tenacious Dalla in an elimination match.

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