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Italian Championship Wrestling
Interregional Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/07/19)

Wins a tournament to became first ICW Northern champion; vacant on 03/08/24.
Mr. Excellent2003/08/24Gabicce Mare
Il Drago2004/02/29Carugate
Renamed Interregional Title.
Puck2005/01/30Busto Arsizio
Manuel Majoli2005/02/26Pavia
Mr Excellent [2]2005/03/22Arese
Psycho Mike2005/09/23Sondrino
Corvo Bianco2006/01/08San Giorgio Canavese
Andres Diamond2006/04/08Treviso
Mr Excellent [3]2006/06/01Vigvevano
Manuel Majoli [2]2006/10/02San Dona Di Piave, Verona
Kobra2007/01/21 Olgiate Molgora, Lecco
Il Lupo2007/05/06 Crema, Cremona
Massimo Panico 2007/12/22 Pantigliate, Milano
Il Lupo [2] 2008/03/29 Pantigliate, Milano
Andres Diamond [2] 2008/05/09 Verano Brianza, Milano
Il Lupo [3] 2008/05/10 Treviglio, Bergamo
Il Drago 2008/06/15 Rho, Milano
Charlie Kid 2008/12/13 Pantigliate, Milano
Vacant on 09/03/08 due to injury.
Andres Diamond [3] 2009/03/08 Monza, Monza & Brianza
Defeats Maestro Manuel Majoli.
Charlie Kid [2] 2009/06/06 Lecco
Kobra [2] 2009/11/07 Pescantina, Verona
Mariel 2010/04/10 Schio
Shock 2011/04/16 Lodi
OGM 2011/11/12 San Martino Siccomario, Pavia
Lupo [4] 2012/07/08 Asola, Lombardy
Goran Il Barbaro 2012/08/24 Villa d’Almè, Bergamo
Vacant on 12/12/15 after a match against Red Devil in Treviglio ends with a double pinfall.
Goran Il Barbaro [2] 2013/02/16 Saronno, Varese
Defeats Red Devil.
Andy Manero 2013/11/23 San Paolo d’Argon, Bergamo
Vacant on 14/06/17 after Manero suffers injury during title defense on 14/05/24.
Tempesta 2014/06/21 Scafati, Salerno
Defeats Sam Adonis in tournament final.
Rafael 2014/07/19 Livorno

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