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Italian Championship Wrestling
Italian Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/04/08)

Defeats Raiss in 8-man tournament final to become first champion; vacant on 02/12/14 when Frost leaves the promotion.
Manuel Majoli2002/12/14Genua
Vacant on 04/01/02 due to injury.
Red Devil2004/01/02 Barzio, Lecco
Defeats Andy Simmonz in a 4-man tournament final.
Mr. Excellent2004/09/05Perugia
Red Devil [2]2004/12/11Pavia
Chris the Bambikiller2006/04/02 Colle Val D'Elsa, Siena
Kaio [2]2006/05/06 Lecco
Red Devil [3]2006/06/03 Pisogne, Brescia
Andres Diamond2006/08/12 Ladispoli, Roma
Kaio [3] 2007/01/04 Brusson, Aosta
Vacant on 07/06/17 when a 3-way match against Andres Diamnd and Kobra in Novegro, Milan ends with triple pinfall.
Lothar 2007/11/25 Magenta, Milan
Defeats Kaio in tournament final.
Kaio [4] 2008/10/04 Pescantina, Verona
Defeats Lothar and Andres Diamond in a 3-way match.
Lothar [2] 2009/02/07 Pavia
Kaio [5] 2009/06/06 Lecco
Defeats Lothar and Lupo in a 3-way match.
Andres Diamond [2] 2009/12/13 Grassina, Firenze
Kaio [6] 2010/05/07 Canegrate, Milan
Charlie Kid 2010/05/15 Lecco
Kobra 2011/01/09 Tortoreto Lido, Teramo
Red Devil [4] 2011/06/18 Genua, Liguria
Kobra [2] 2012/03/31 Trescore Balneario, Bergamo
Kaio [7] 2012/05/12 Mozzate, Como
Vacant on 12/10/09 due to injury.
OGM 2012/09/22 San Bonifacio
Defeats Lupo, Kobra, and Shock in 4-way match.
Lupo 2013/06/08 Concesio
Defeats OGM and Charlie Kid in 3-way match.
Charlie Kid [2] 2013/11/10 Gussago, Brescia
Vacates on 14/10/08 due to injury.
Red Devil [5] 2014/12/06 Gussago, Brescia
Defeats Kobra in tournament final.
OGM [2] 2015/10/24 Casalmoro, Mantua
Charlie Kid [3] 2015/12/19 Gussago, Brescia
Alessandro Corleone 2016/10/15 Casalmoro, Mantua