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Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Extreme Title ( 2001/08 - 2003/12 )
German Title ( 2003/12 - 2004/12 )
Hardcore Title ( 2004/12 - 2006/08 )

Eiji Kuchinawa2001/08/26Essen
Defeats Louis van Eden, TAFKA Lightning Lei, and U-Gin in a 4-way match to become the first Extreme champion.
Petar Bojetz2002/02/03Nürnberg
Mad Man Pondo2002/02/03Nürnberg
SigMasta Rappo2002/05/08Greven
HATE [2]2002/05/08Greven
SigMasta Rappo [2]2002/05/08Greven
HATE [3]2002/05/18Essen
SigMasta Rappo [3]2002/05/18Essen
Rick Baxxter2002/05/18Essen
HATE [4]2002/05/18Essen
Mad Cow2002/05/18Essen
HATE [5]2002/06/08Voorburg, NED
Rick Baxxter [2]2002/06/29Essen
SigMasta Rappo [4]2002/06/29Essen
HATE [6]2002/06/29Essen
The Sandman2003/04/19Essen
D'n'A [7]2003/04/19Essen
Mad Cow [2]2003/04/19Essen
Thumbtack Jack2003/04/19Essen
Alex Pain2003/12/27Essen
Renamed German Title on this day.
Emil Sitoci2004/08/21Essen
Vacant in 04.
HATE [8]2004/12/11Essen
Defeats Iceman, Mad Cow, and Thumbtack Jack in a 4-way final of tournament; renamed Hardcore Title.
Mad Cow [3]2005/05/29Essen
Violent Tom2005/05/29Essen
HATE [9]2005/06/18Essen
Ian Rotten2006/01/29Essen
Necro Butcher2006/04/21Plainfield, IN, USA
Title retired on 06/08/01.