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Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Heavyweight Title ( 2001/07 - 2003/06 )
World Heavyweight Title ( 2003/06 - 2010/06 )
Unified World Title ( 2010/06 - )
(as of 2017/12/23)

Mad Cow2001/07/01Essen
Defeats Bas van Kunder, Michael Kovac, and Karsten Kretschmar in 4-way final of tournament to become the first champion.
Eric Schwarz2001/08/26Essen
Defeats The Bull when Cow cannot defend the title.
Thomas Blade2001/12/15Dresden
Defeats Big Ben when Schwarz cannot defend the title due to injury.
Chris The Bambikiller2002/02/03Nürnberg
Vacant on 02/07/12.
Martin Nolte2002/08/17Essen
Wins a 20-man battle royal.
Chris Hero2003/03/01Essen
Becomes a world title in 03/06.
Alex Shelley2003/11/08Salem, IN, USA
Jimmy Jacobs [2]2003/12/19Lafayette, IN, USA
Alex Shelley [2]2003/12/19Lafayette, IN, USA
Jimmy Jacobs2003/12/19Lafayette, IN, USA
Claudio Castagnoli2003/12/27Essen
Ian Rotten2004/06/12Essen
Claudio Castagnoli [2]2004/06/19Wien, AUT
Robbie Brookside2004/12/11Essen
Mike Quackenbush2006/03/18Essen
Ares [2]2006/03/31Reading, PA, USA
Alex Pain2007/11/24Oberhausen
Steve Douglas2008/03/08Essen
Vacant on 08/11/09.
Bad Bones2008/12/13Oberhausen
Defeats Claudio Castagnoli in a 4-man tournament final.
Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan)2009/03/07Oberhausen
Absolute Andy2009/05/02Oberhausen
Steve Douglas [2]2009/12/12Oberhausen
Zack Sabre Jr. 2010/06/05 Oberhausen
Reigning World Lightweight Champion, wins a unification match to become the Unified World Champion.
Big van Walter 2010/10/02 Oberhausen
Daisuke Sekimoto 2011/01/15 Oberhausen
Big van Walter [2] 2011/05/02 Tokyo, JPN
El Generico 2012/05/19 Oberhausen
Axel Tischer 2012/08/12 Oberhausen
Defeats Generico, Bad Bones, and Karsten Beck in 4-way match.
Tommy End 2013/06/01 Oberhausen
Big Daddy Walter [3] 2014/07/27 Oberhausen
Karsten Beck 2015/01/17 Oberhausen
Jurn Simmons 2016/03/12 Oberhausen
Defeats Beck, Absolute Andy, and John Klinger in 4-way match.
Marty Scurll 2016/12/10 Oberhausen
Defeats Simmons and Adam Cole in 3-way match.
Axel Dieter Jr. 2016/12/10 Oberhausen
Jurn Simmons [2] 2017/03/11 Oberhausen
John Klinger 2017/08/05 Oberhausen
Defeats Simmons and Ilja Dragunov in 3-way match.