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Last updated on 2011/10/20

Internationaler Berufsringkämpfer Verband
European Heavyweight Championship Tournament

19Date City Winner
1953/09/20BielefeldHerbert Audersch
1957/06/05KrefeldGedeon Gida
1960/08/31MünsterGedeon Gida
1961/08/14NürnbergGedeon Gida
1962/06/28MünsterHorst Hoffmann
1963/07/21WiesbadenGedeon Gida
1964/06/12NürnbergHorst Hoffmann
1965/06/30CologneHorst Hoffmann
1905/05/18MünsterJosef Kovacs
1966/08/17NürnbergHorst Hoffmann
1967/05/31CologneHorst Hoffmann
1968/08/31MünsterBilly Robinson
1969/06/04CologneJean-Louis Breston
1970/08/26MünsterJean-Louis Breston
1971/07/07CologneHorst Hoffmann
1972/08/23MünsterHorst Hoffmann
1973/08/21MünsterHorst Hoffmann
1974/09/02MunichRoland Bock
1975/06/25NürnbergHorst Hoffmann
1977/12/22BremenOtto Wanz
1978/08/29MünsterOtto Wanz
1979/12/22BremenIwan Strogoff
1982/12/18BremenGiant Haystacks
1983/12/20BremenKlaus Wallas
1984/12/22BremenKlaus Wallas
1985/12/21BremenBilly Samson
1986/12/20BremenBilly Samson

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