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Catch Wrestling Association
World Tag Team Title

Miles Zrno & Tony St. Clair1988/06Linz, AUT
Defeat David Finlay & Mark Rocco to become first champions.
David Finlay & Marty Jones1990/06/23Graz, AUT
Miles Zrno & Franz Schumann1990/08/03Vienna, AUT
Chris Benoit & David Taylor1991/12/21Bremen, GER
Vacant in 92/06 when Taylor is injured and Benoit wrestles in Japan.
Larry Cameron & Mad Bull Buster1992/07/11Graz, AUT
Miles Zrno & David Taylor1993/07/18Vienna, AUT
Larry Cameron & Mad Bull Buster [2]1993/10/24Hanover, GER
Vacant in 93/12 when Cameron collapses during a match and dies.
Wrecking Crew: Rage & Fury 1994/07/24Vienna, AUT
Defeat David Finlay & John Hawk.
Ulf Hermann & August Smisl1994/08/16Vienna, AUT
Cannonball Grizzly & John Hawk (Bradshaw) 1995/11/05Oldenburg, GER
Tony St. Clair & August Smisl1995/12/16Bremen, GER
Vacant when Smisl injured on 96/12/18.
Cannonball Grizzly & Wild Cat Brookside 1996/12/21Bremen, GER
Defeat Tony St. Clair & Mick Tierney; vacant in 97/06<.
Ulf Hermann & Tony St. Clair1997/07/05Graz, AUT
Defeat Robby Brookside & Mark the Hunter to win vacant title.
J.P. Lafitte & Rhino Richards1997/10/11Hanover
Defeat St. Clair & Christian Eckstein, subbing for injured Hermann.
Ulf Hermann & Christian Eckstein1997/11/22Bremen, GER
Vacant in 98/10 when Hermann leaves the promotion.
Rhino Richards & Joe Legend1998/10/10Hanover, GER
Defeat August Smisl & Rico de Cuba.
Ricky Santana & Black Navy Seal1999/11/27Bremen, GER
Defeat Michael Kovac & Dirk Rotzek when Richards & Legend do not defend title in time; promotion closes in 00/09.