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Catch Wrestling Association
World Junior Heavyweight Title

Hiroyoshi Yamamoto (Hiroyoshi Tenzan) 1993/07/03Graz, AUT
Defeats Lance Storm.
Lance Storm1993/07/24Vienna, AUT
Hiroyoshi Yamamoto [2]1993/10<
Lance Storm [2]1993/10/24Hanover, GER
Vacant in 93 when Storm leaves the promotion.
Michael Kovac1996/06
Kendo Ka Shin (Tokimitsu Ishizawa) 1996/09/21Hanover, GER
Michael Kovac [2]1996/12/21Bremen, GER
Vacant in 97.
Michael Kovac [3]1997/07/05Graz, AUT
Defeats Christian Eckstein; vacant in 98/10.
Karsten Kretschmar1998/10/10Hanover, GER
Defeats Eric Schwarz after Kovac leaves the promotion.
El Locco1998/12/12Hanover, GER
Karsten Kretschmar [2]1998/12/19Bremen, GER
Eric Schwarz2000/07/08Weinheim, GER
Promotion closes in 00/09.