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Catch Wrestling Association
Intercontinental Heavyweight Title

Bull Power (Big Van Vader) 1991/12/21Bremen, GER
Defeats Tatsumi Fujinami; vacant in 92 when Bull leaves the promotion.
Tatsumi Fujinami1992/07/11Graz, AUT
Defeats Bob Orton Jr.; vacant in 92 when Fujinami returns to Japan.
Buffalo Patterson1992/12/19Bremen, GER
Defeats Warlord; vacant in 93 when Patterson returns to North America.
David Finlay1993/07/03Graz, AUT
Vacant in 98/10 when Finlay leaves the promotion.
Robbie Brookside1998/10/10Hanover, GER
Defeats Cannonball Grizzly.
Tony St. Clair1998/12/19Bremen, GER