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Athletik Club Wrestling
Wrestling Challenge Title

(as of 2017/02/18)

Sensational Superstar2004/09/25Weinheim
Defeats Toby Nathland in tournament final to become the first champion.
Toby Nathland2005/10/08Weinheim
Jonny Storm2007/01/20Weinheim
Toby Nathland [2]2007/12/15Weinheim
Awarded when Nathland no-shows.
Sören Reuter2008/09/13Weinheim
Defeats Chaos, Chris Flaig, Flash Christian, Master J., and Scott Johnson in a 6-way match.
Master J. 2008/12/06Weinheim
Sören Reuter [2]2009/09/19Weinheim
Wins in a tag team match, teaming with Boombastic against Master J. & Patrick Zimmerman.
Jonny Storm [2]2009/12/05Weinheim
Wins 6-man 4-title 4-corners Surprise match against Reuter, German champion Argjend Qufaj, Tag Team champions Boombastic & Patrick Zimmerman, World Cruiserweight champin Jonny Storm, and Viper by pinning Reuter.
Argjend Qufaj2010/01/30Heppenheim
Defeats Storm and Sören Reuter in a 3-way match.
Awarded by Qufaj.
Viper 2011/12/03Weinheim
Boombastic [2]2012/05/05Weinheim
Criss Riot 2012/12/01 Weinheim
Defeats Boombastic, Sören Reuter, and DenKo in a 4-way match.
Nemesis 2014/09/13 Weinheim
Defeats Riot and The Red Rage in a 3-way match.
Criss Riot [2] 2015/05/09 Ludwigshafen
Vacates the title on 17/02/18 since Riot has won the World Title on 16/12/03.
Bruder Chaos 2017/02/18 Ludwigshafen
Wins a gauntlet match against Insane Killer, Jonny Storm, Rogue, Sören Reuter, and Viper.