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Athletik Club Wrestling
World Tag Team Title

(as of 2016/12/03)

TNT: Fireangel & Mr. Boombastic2000/10/07Weinheim
Defeat the Ghostbusters to become first champions.
Steel Command: Master Blaster & The Sergeant2001/10/07Weinheim
Crazy Sexy Mike & Wesna2001/12/15Weinheim
Ahmed Chaer & Flying Dragon2002/03/16Weinheim
Twin Tackles: Gene Snisky & Robb Harper2003/03/22Weinheim
Colossus replaces Snisky in 03/09 after Snisky signs with WWE; declared vacant on 08/11/26.
Boombastic & Patrick Zimmerman2008/12/06Weinheim
Win the vacant title in a 6-way 4-title 4-corners Surprise match against Master J., German champoin Argjend Qufaj, Michael Phoenix, and Wrestling Challenge champion Sören Reuter.
Boombastic & Viper 2009/12/05Weinheim
Boombastic wins the vacant title in a 6-way 4-title 4-corners Surprise match against Zimmerman, German champoin Argjend Qufaj, Cruiserweight champion Jonny Storm, Viper, and Wrestling Challenge champion Sören Reuter and selects Viper as new partner.
Modern Takedown: Flash Christian & Impulz2010/09/11Laudenbach, Baden-Württemberg
Boombastic & Viper [2]2010/12/04Weinheim
Brothers of Doom: Carsten Crank & The Insane Killer2011/04/02Weinheim
Michael Phoenix & Shaggy 2012/05/05 Weinheim
Defeat the Brothers of Doom and Binairial & Master J. in a 3-way match.
High Voltage: Bam & Shaggy 2013/05/04 Weinheim
Defeat Phoenix & Ken Floyd after the champion team splits.
Dark Mind Society: Berengar & Nemesis 2013/12/07Weinheim
Sidekicks: Jonny Storm & Nok Su Kau 2014/02/22 Weinheim
Brotherhood of Disordered Souls: Binairial & Boombastic 2014/04/12 Weinheim
DenKo & Nok Su Kau 2014/10/03 Ludwigshafen
Brotherhood of Disordered Souls [2] 2015/12/05 Weinheim
Insane Killer & Voodoo 2016/12/03 Weinheim