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Athletik Club Wrestling
German Heavyweight Title

(as of 2016/12/03)

Defeats Head Hunter to become the first champion; vacant in 99/04 Fireangel has personal problems with the ACW promotion.
Argjend Qufaj1999/05/08Weinheim
Wins battle royal.
Head Hunter2000/03/18Weinheim
Eric Schwarz2001/02/03Weinheim
Head Hunter loses his ring name in the match and is billed as Nobody thereafter.
Patrick Schulz2001/10/07Weinheim
Defeats Nobody (Head Hunter), who is selected by the injured Schwartz.
Michael Kovac2003/06/28Weinheim
Bad Bones2005/12/17Weinheim
Wins in an 8-man 2-title elimination match against Kovac, World champion Doug Williams, Headshrinker Alofa, Tommy Suede, Chris the Bambikiller, Joe E. Legend, and Patrick Schulz by pinning Kovac; vacant on 06/09/22 when Bad Bones leaves the promotion.
Toby Nathland2007/03/10Weinheim
Defeats Argjend Qufaj, Chaos, Flash Christian, and Kosta Kaperdos in 5-man elimination final of tournament.
Kosta Kaperdos2007/09/01Weinheim
Marco Z.2007/11/03Weinheim
Vacant on 08/04/23 due to knee injury.
Argjend Qufaj [2]2008/06/21Weinheim
Wins battle royal.
Jonny Storm2010/01/30Heppenheim
Reigning Wrestling Challenge champion, faces Qufaj and Sören Reuter in a 3-way 2-title elimination match with the stipulation that the first fall is for the Wrestling Challenge Title and the second fall is for the German Title; Qufaj pins Storm in the first fall for the Wrestling Challenge Title, leaving German Title open for Storm and Reuter; Storm pins Reuter in the second fall.
Sören Reuter2010/03/27Weinheim
Wins by using the biased referees Argjend Qufaj.
Vacant on 12/03/10 when Tatanka cannot defend the title.
Berengar 2012/05/05 Weinheim
Defeats German Eagle in tournament final vacant in 13/05.
DenKo 2013/05/04 Weinheim
Defeats Nok Su Kau in tournament final.
Jorge Castano 2014/04/12 Weinheim
Defeats DenKo in tournament final.
Bam 2014/04/12Weinheim
Doug Williams 2014/12/06 Weinheim
Bam [2] 2015/02/07 Weinheim
Vacant on 16/01/20.
Ken Floyd 2016/02/06 Weinheim
Defeats Boombastic, Nemesis, Shaggy, The Insane Killer, and Viper in 6-way match.
Michael Phoenix 2016/03/05 Ludwigshafen
Murat Kaan 2016/10/01 Weinheim
Wins by default when Phoenix is injured and cannot wrestle.
Jack Anderson 2016/10/01 Weinheim
Murat Kaan [2] 2016/10/02 Ludwigshafen
Jack Anderson [2] 2016/12/03 Weinheim