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Athletik Club Wrestling
World Cruiserweight Title

(as of 2014/02/22)

Master J.2002/12/07Weinheim
Defeats Andy Douglas to become the first champion.
Jack Xavier2003/12/20Weinheim
Genosse Boris2005/12/17Weinheim
Flash Christian2006/11/25Weinheim
Boris [2]2007/12/15Weinheim
Answers an open challenge by Flash, who however cannot defend the title due to injury, and is awarded.
Patrick Zimmerman2008/06/21Weinheim
Michael Phoenix2008/12/06Weinheim
Wins in a 6-man, 5-title- 4-corners cage match against Zimmerman, Master J., German champion Argjend Qufaj, Boombastic, and Challenge champion Sören Reuter.
Jody Fleisch2009/12/05Weinheim
Jonny Storm2009/12/05Weinheim
Defeats Phoenix and Jody Fleisch in a 3-way match.
Patrick Zimmerman [2]2009/12/05Weinheim
Wins in a 6-man, 5-title- 4-corners cage match against Storm, German champion Argjend Qufaj, Tag Team champion Boombastic, Viperm, and Challenge champion Sören Reuter.
Master J. [2]2010/06/26Weinheim
Defeats Zimmerman and Michael Phoenix in a 3-way match.
Michael Phoenix [2]2010/12/04Weinheim
Defeats Master J., Jonny Storm, Maxwell MacGlaister, Nemesis, and Tornado Tim in a Championship Scramble match.
Criss Riot2011/02/19Weinheim
Nemesis 2011/12/03Weinheim
Jonny Storm [2] 2012/12/01 Weinheim
Nemesis [2] 2013/02/16 Weinheim
Rocky Lottatore 2014/02/22 Weinheim

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