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Last updated on 2012/06/24

European Welterweight Title

Roger Mollet 1938<
Harold Angus 1938/07/07<
Alan Colbeck @1950s<
Jose Brunet @1950s
Defeats Colbeck for the title.
Tony Oliver @1950s
Jack Dempsey1954<
Vacant in 54.
Alan Colbeck1954/07<London, GBR
Defeats Les Stent in tournament final.
Jack Dempsey [2]1958/10/25Newcastle, GBR
Alan Colbeck [2]1959<
Jack Dempsey [3]1959
Alan Colbeck [3]1960Bradford, GBR
Jack Dempsey [4]
Alan Colbeck [4]1961/06Bradford, GBR
Jack Dempsey [5]1964<
Alan Colbeck [5]1964/06/24Bradford, GBR
Vacant in 76 when Colbeck retires; Vasilios Mantopoulos also claims title in 69.
Jack Taylor1976
Jean Come1978/03<
Dynamite Kid1978/03/22Leicester, GBR
Vacant on 78/04/27 when Kid leaves for Calgary.
Jorg Chenok1985/04<
Danny Collins1985/04/23Watford, GBR
Mal Sanders
Kashmir Singh Wolverhampton, GBR
Mal Sanders [2]1994/09<

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