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European Mid-Heavyweight Title

Mike DeMitre1939Paris, FRA
Defeats Stanislaus Karolyi.
Gilbert LeDuc1940s
Jack Dale
Jose Tarres1948/08/28Barcelona, ESP
Milo Popocopolis also claims title around 50/10 in London, GBR.
Jim Oliver1951/05/30Barcelona, ESP
Jose Tarres [2] *
René Bukovac
Jose Tarres [3]
Jesus Chausson @1950s
Recognized in Spain.
Jules Delmee @1950s
Gabriel Laguna @1950s
Billy Robinson1961/08<
Marques @1960s
Recognized in Spain.
Joe Rodri @1960s
Recognized in Spain.
Norman Walsh
Have claimed title since 51/02< by defeating Milo Popocopolis; stripped in 62 for not defending title abroad.
Bill Howes1962/05/05London, GBR
Defeats Jacques Lageat.
Mike Marino1967
Both Marino and Howes are billed as champions by 69; Marino relinquishes his claim until Howes retires, then again claims the title until his death in 81/08.

* See European Junior Heavyweight Title.

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