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Last updated on 2015/01/22

European Middleweight Title

Joint Promotions ( 1960 - 1986 )
All-Star Promotions ( 1986 - 1990s )

* See also the French version.

Bob Gregory 1937/10/06<
Billed in the UK as recently having won a tournament in Budapest, HUN.
Manuel Rillos @1950s
Jose Brunet @1950s
Juan Bengoechea @1950s
Roger LaRoche @1950s
Reä‡ Bukovac
Lamban I (Félix Lamban)1950/12<
Parul Anton Vargas @1950s
Tommy Mann1960
Rene Ben Chemoul1962
George Kidd1963/01/28Leeds, GBR
Rene Ben Chemoul [2]1963/07<
Chick Purvey1963/12/14Manchester, GBR
Bobby Steele1964/05/30Manchester, GBR
Tommy Mann [2]1964
Vacant in 65 due to an injury.
Jose Rodriguez Questra1966
Vic Faulkner1966/11/28Nottingham, GBR
Mick McManus1968/06<
Vic Faulkner [2]1968/09/23
Mick McManus [2]1971/04/26Nottingham, GBR
Mal Sanders1978/02/08Huddersfield, GBR
Mick McManus [3]1978/04/21<
Mal Sanders [2]1978/08/02Huddersfield, GBR
Mick McManus [4]1978/11/04<
Mal Sanders [3]1979/06/27<
Keith Haward1981/04/29Walthamstow, GBR
Clive Myers1983/02<
Keith Haward [2]1983/07/15
Mal Sanders [4]1984/01/17Croydon, GBR
Clive Myers [2]1984/04/24Croydon, GBR
Mal Sanders [5]1986/02<
Keith Haward [2]1986/04/29Guildford, GBR
Clive Myers [3]1987/09<
Mal Sanders [6]1990
Steve Grey1992/04/24Walthamstow, GBR
Mal Sanders [7]1992/07<
Steve Grey [2]1992/07/07Clacton, GBR
Mal Sanders [8]1993/11<
Danny Collins1994/03/06Hove, GBR
Mal Sanders [9]1995/08/01
Jason Cross1995/12<