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Last updated on 2012/06/24

European Lightweight Title

Karl Von Halpern 1932/12/14<
Milo Popocopolis 1938/11/18<
Vittorio Ochoa 1950s
Caterecha I @1950s
Julien Morris1950s
Jack Dempsey1954
Modesto Aledo
Julien Morice [2]1955
Jean Rabut1955
Julien Morice [3]1956/04Toulouse, GBR
Jean Rabut [2]1962/10<
Julien Morice [4]
Johnny Williams 1964 MLT
Defeats Zoltan Szabo.
Julien Morice [5]1967<
Vacant in 67 when Morice called into military service.
Modesto Aledo [2]1967
Jim Breaks1967/03/09Bradford, GBR
Vacant in 67.
Jim Breaks [2]1967/05/29Bradford, GBR
Defeats Mike Bennett in tournament final.
Bill Ross1970/03/27Stirling, GBR
Jim Breaks [3]1970/07<
Bill Ross [2]1972/09/11Nottingham, GBR
Jim Breaks [4]1972/11/20Nottingham, GBR
Bill Ross [3]1974/04/19Stirling, GBR
Jim Breaks [5]1974/04
Bobby Ryan1975/09Wolverhampton, GBR
Jim Breaks [6]1977/01/24Bradford, GBR
Bobby Ryan [2]1977
Jim Breaks [7]1977/10/11Wolverhampton, GBR
Johnny Saint1979/10<
Jon Cortez1981/03/18London, GBR
Jackie Robinson1983/04<
Johnny Saint [2]1983/05<
Mike Jordan1983/12<
Jackie Robinson [2]1984/01<
Mike Jordan [2]1984/03
Jackie Robinson [3]1984/03/08Woolwich, GBR
Jim Breaks [8]1985/02/18Bradford, GBR
Jon Cortez [2]1985/09<
Jim Breaks [9]1985/11<
Jon Cortez [3]1986/09<
Jim Breaks [10]1986/11<
Jon Cortez [2]1987/02/25Bath, GBR
Peter Bainbridge1987/03/09Cheltenham, GBR
Jim Breaks [11]1987/03
Peter Bainbridge [2]1987/04<
Jim Breaks [12]1987/04
Peter Bainbridge [3]1988/03/10Bristol, GBR
Jim Breaks [13]1988/04/04Bath, GBR
Steve Grey1988/10/03Turnbridge Wells, GBR
Or ealier.
Jim Breaks [14]1988/11<
Kid McCoy1989/05/01Reading, GBR
Jim Breaks [15]1989/11/22Ipwswich
Or ealier.
Steve Grey [2]1990/03/12Derby, GBR
Jim Breaks [16]
Steve Grey [3]1991/02/05Croydon, GBR
Tony Stewart1992/09/26<
Steve Grey [4]1993/12/06<
Still champion as of 94/08.

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