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World/European Greco-Roman Heavyweight Title

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Tom Cannon 1886/12/18 Melbourne, AUS
Defeats William Miller; also defeats claimant Tom McInerney on 1894 in Liverpool, GBR (or McInerney may have won from Cannon prior to that).
Carl Abs 1894/09/05 Hamburg, GER
Ernest Roeber 1894/09/26 Hamburg, GER
Beck Olsen 1900/03/21 New York, NY, USA
Has been billed as the "champion wrestler of Europe"; defeats Roeber, billed as "Graeco-Roman champion of America", in a world championship match.
Ernest Roeber [2] 1900/09/12 Copenhagen, DEN
Vacates in 1901
Tom Cannon [2] 1901/05/03 London, GBR
Defeats Antonio Pierre.
Georg Hackenschmidt 1902/09/04 Liverpool, GBR
Defeats American champion Tom Jenkins on 1905/05/05 in New York, NY to be the first undisputed World champion

* See the World Heavyweigtht Title.

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