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Last updated on 2015/03/27

World Middleweight Title

Jack Moores 1919<  
Billy Riley 1919 Springfield Park, Wigan
May be for British Title.
Bob Myers 1922<  
Billy Riley [2]1922Johannesberg, RSA
Bob Myers [2]1923Johannesberg, RSA

Harry Rabin1952
Gilbert Leduc1954
Tommy Mann1955
Rene Ben Chemoul1961/11<
Tommy Mann [2]1961/12<
Vacant in 63 when Mann retires after an injury.
Bert Royal1963/11/30Manchester, GBR
Defeats Armand Zarparanian.
Rene Ben Chemoul [2]1965<
Jean Coorn1960s
Vasilios Mantopoulos1969
Walter Bordes1970
Vacant in 73.
Luc Bejar1973/11/10Vilanova, Barcelona, ESP
Defeats Halcon Peruano; vacant in 75?.
Adrian Street1976
John Cortez1978/05/19Liverpool, GBR
Defeats Johnny Palance; vacant in 79/03<.
Ian Gilmour1979/03/29Southampton, GBR
Defeats Adrian Street; vacant in 79.
Adrian Street [2]1979/04/27Liverpool, GBR
Defeats Johnny Palance in 8-man tournament final.
John Cortez [2]1982/11<
Keith Hayward1982/11/13Sun City, RSA

Danny Collins1991/11/01Bath, GBR
Defeats Owen Hart; vacant in 96.
James Mason1996/02/21Gravesend, GBR
Defats Flash Barker in tournament final.
Mal Sanders1996/03/13Gravesend, GBR
Steve Grey 1996/04/17 Gravesend, GBR
Vacant in 96 when Grey gives up belt to focus on lightweight division.