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Internationale Berufsringerloge Wien [International Pro-Wrestling Alliance Vienna] (1913 - 1950s)

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Presidents: Josef Steinbach (1922 - 24)
Wenzel Goldbach (1924 - 37)
Franz Mileder (1937 - 38; 1946)
Alois Kramer (late 1940s)

Main Members: Wenzel Goldbach, Josef Steinbach, Franz Doberl (Franz Dobowitschek) (1920s - mid-1930s)
Rudolf Benold, Franz Kawan, Franz Doberl (Franz Dobowitschek) (1930s - 1950s)
Other Significant Members: Alfred Popper ("Alfredo Paganini"), Rudolf Jeschka, Alois Kramer, Wilhelm Wenger ("Willy Wenger"), Georg Pröller, Adolf Hinner, Hans Trestler, Eduard Proksch, Franz Nawratil, Fritz Frank (Frank Franculescu)

  • An alliance of wrestlers, managers, and promoters in Austria which organized the tournaments and set the rules in the country.
  • Inactive during the World War I; reorganized in 1922/01 by Josef Steinbach and Wenzel Goldbach.
  • Inactive during WWII when Austrian professional wrestling was controlled by a Nazi organization "Reichsfachamt für Schwerathletik" under the leadership of Kurt Frey.
  • Reorganized in April 1946 under the leadership of Franz Mileder, Rudolf Benold, and Franz Doberl.

World Championship Tournaments

European Championship Tournaments

City Tournaments

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