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Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre
National Women's Title

(as of 2016/05/01)

Alison Evans 2011/10/22 Santiago
Defeats Azumi and Kittie in a tournament 3-way final to become the first champion.
Azumi 2011/12/18 Talca, Maule
Kittie 2012/06/17 Santiago
Alison Evans [2] 2012/07/15 Santiago
Engel Röttenbich 2013/05/26 Santiago
Dómina 2013/09/01 Santiago
Engel Röttenbich [2] 2013/12/08 Santiago
Dómina [2] 2014/02/09 Santiago
Engel Röttenbich [3] 2014/03/02 Santiago
Vacant in 14/04.
Alison Evans [3] 2014/05/11 Santiago
Defeats Sara Phoenix, Imanya, and Omega Ztar in 4-way match.
Kristy (Carla Murillo González) 2014/08/17 Santiago
Defeats Evans and Engel Röttenbich in 3-way match.
Domina [3] 2014/11/30 Santiago
Wins an 8-woman scramble against Kristy, Omega Ztar, Alison, Imanya, Kyara, Azumi, and Engel.