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Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre
National Tag Team Title

(as of 2014/12/14)

Redención: Lenko Sins & Nicolás Alkali 2013/11/24 Santiago
Defeat Culto Al Cuerpo: Límite & Pedro Pablo Subercaseaux, Las Clits!: Alison Evans & Kristy, and Pandemia: Dínamo & Dr. Morbo in the 4-way final of the 8-team tournament to become the first champions.
O2: Okram & Oz 2014/04/05 Recoleta
Defeat Redención and Team ABC1: J.F. Roman & Pensacola in 3-way match.
Culto Al Cuerpo: Límite & Pedro Pablo Subercaseaux 2014/07/06 San Ramon
Defeat O2 and Los Arlequines: "____" & Locky in 3-way match.
Fear & XL 2014/10/26 Santiago