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Last updated on 2017/01/23

International Junior Heavyweight Title
[Ontario / Québéc]

Paul Lortie 1941/08 *
Defeats John Murphy; later celebrates his 10th anniversary as the champion on 51/08/07.
Bob Lortie1949/05/09<
Recognized Montreal, QC by promoter Achille Mathieu.
Paul Lortie [10]1951/08/07<
Recognized in St. Henri, QC by promoter Ray LaMontagne; celebrates his 10th anniversary as the champion with 10th reign on 51/08/07; still/again recognized as of 53/02/13 by promoter Gerry Legault; passed away on 53/04/14.
Bob Lortie [2]1953/05/15
Awarded by promoter Sylvio Samson with the belt previously owned by Paul Lortie who has passed away on 53/04/14.
Elephant Boy1953/10/29Montreal, QC
Bob Lortie [2]1953/11/12Montreal, QC
Still/again billed as champion in Shawinigan, ON on 54/05/12 and in Ottawa, ON on 60/05/09.