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Last updated on 2017/01/23

Canadian Mid-Heavyweight Title
[Québéc; recognized by promoter Sylvio Samson]

Paul Gaudette1947/05<
Rod Larose1947/06/03Montreal, QC
Lou Carlo1947/07<
Rod Larose [2]1947/07/29Montreal, QC
Paul Gaudette [2]1948/11/11Montreal, QC
Defeats Marcel Ouimet.
Marcel Ouimet1949/07<
Lou Carlo [2]1949/07
Joffre L’Heureux1951/06/05Montreal, QC
Defeats Marcel Ouimet.
Roy Lebouef1951/07/27Montreal, QC
Roy Lebouef [2]1952/04/10Montreal, QC
Defeats Joffre L’Heureux.
Tony Baillargeon1952/09<
Charles Baillargeon1952/09/16
Awarded by Tony upon leaving the territory.
Gerard Dugas1952/12/04Montreal, QC
Bob Taylor1953/03/05<
Has "recently" defeated Dugas for the title.
Gerard Dugas [2]1953/05/29Montreal, QC
Great Zuma1953/10/29Montreal, QC
Gerard Dugas [3]1953/11/05Montreal, QC
Jean Paul Gaucher1955/05/29Granby, QC
Wins by default when Dugas no-shows.