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International Wrestling
International Tag Team Title

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Dominic DeNucci & Nick DeCarlo76/09<
Sailor White & Surge Dumont76/09/21Montreal, QC
Edouard Carpentier & Mad Dog Vachon78/02<
Pat Patterson & Raymond Rougeau80/06/02Montreal, QC
Defeat Gilles Poisson & Serge Dumont.
Richard Charland & Len Shelley
Swede Hansen & Le Borreau/The Hangman81
Richard Charland & Len Shelley [2]
Gino Brito & Rick McGraw82
Gilles Poisson & Sailor White82
Gino Brito & Tony Parisi82
Pierre Lefebvre & Michel Dubois82
Pat Patterson & Raymond Rougeau [2]82
Pierre Lefebvre & Pat Patterson82/10<Sherbrooke, QC
Patterson and Rougeau break up; Patterson defeats Rougeau in a singles match and choses Lefbvre as a new partner.
Raymond Rougeau & Jacques Rougeau Jr.82
Pierre Lefebvre & Pat Patterson [2]82
Gino Brito & Tony Parisi [2]83/01Montreal, QC
Pierre Lefebvre & Billy Robinson83/05/23Montreal, QC
Raymond Rougeau & Jacques Rougeau Jr. [2]83/08<
Pierre Lefebvre & Pat Patterson [3]83/09
Gino Brito & Tony Parisi [3]83/12/12Montreal, QC
Pierre Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin84/01/16<
Dino Bravo & Tony Parisi 84/02/20  
Pierre Lefebvre & Frenchy Martin [2] 84  
Raymond Rougeau & Jacques Rougeau Jr. [3]84/07/02Montreal, QC
Sailor White & Rick Valentine (Kerry Brown) 84/08/14Quebec City, QC
Vacant in 84/11< when Valentine leaves the promotion.
King Tonga (Haku/Meng) & Richard Charland 85/05/27Quebec City, QC
Defeat Jos LeDuc & Leo Burke in tournament final.
Raymond Rougeau & Jacques Rougeau Jr. [4]85/06/11Quebec City, QC
Vacant in 86/01 when Rougeaus jump to the WWF.
Long Riders: Scott Irwin & Bill Irwin 86/03/06Sudbury, ON
Defeat Dan Kroffat & Alofa (Solofa Fatu).
Dan Kroffat (Phil Lafond) & Tom Zenk 86/08/12Quebec City, QC
Defeat Bill Irwin & Danny Johnson.
Richard Charland & Sheik Ali (Steven Pettipas) 86/10/13?Montreal, QC
Dan Kroffat & Armand Rougeau87/02/08Montreal, QC
Richard Charland & Chuck Simms87/04/13Montreal, QC
Promotion closes in 87.

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