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Northern Championship Wrestling
X-Treme Title

Binovich Fouranov2007/01/06Montréal, QC
Defeats Mark Andrews after the two become the finalists of a 6-man match also involving Guil Reno, Diablero, Busty Love, and Chakal.
Diablero2007/02/17Montréal, QC
Black Eagle2007/05/19Montréal, QC
Diablero [2]2007/09/15Montréal, QC
Black Eagle2007/09/15Montréal, QC
Chakal2007/12/15Montréal, QC
Defeats X-Treme champion Black Eagle and Cruiserweight champion Binovich Fouranov in 3-way match to unify both titles.

* See NCW Triple Crown Title.