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Northern Championship Wrestling
Television Title

Warlock1996/06/01Joliette, QC
Defeas Don Rey to become the first champion; vacates on 96/07/06 due to health issues.
Le Rocker1996/07/20Berthierville, QC
Defeats Le Gentleman (Daniel Léon).
Steve Ace1996/10/11Lavaltrie, QC
Stripped for refusing to defend against Y-Vend Descaries.
Y-Vend Descaries1996/11/07
Declared vacant when Descaries sells the belt to Naja Viper following his victory over Le Gentleman (Daniel Léon).
Daniel Léon1997/01/26Épiphanie, QC
Defeats Caméléon.
Franky The Mobster1997/10/11Montréal, QC
Black Eagle1997/10/18Valleyfield, QC
Steven le SweetBoy1997/11/23Montréal, QC
Chakal 1998/01/31Montréal, QC
Raiden1998/02/28Beauharnois, QC
Defeats Chakal and Steven le Sweet Boy in a 3-way match.
Piranah1998/03/13Joliette, QC
Defeats Raiden and Icemanin a 3-way match.
Black Eagle [2]1998/04/11Valleyfield, QC
Guy Williams1998/09/19Joliette, QC
Visceral Vince1998/12/21Montréal, QC
Cobra1999/02/06Joliette, QC
Yvan L'Imitateur1999/03/06Joliette, QC
Ben le King1999/04/10
Maxx Fury1999/04/24Montréal, QC
Steven le Sweet Boy [2]61999/05/15Montréal, QC
Vacant on 99/08/07 after Stevens wins Inter-City Title.
El Diablero Jr.1999/09/18Montréal, QC
Defeats Deniss Sensation in 8-man tournament final.
Deniss Sensation2000/01/08Montréal, QC
TNT2000/02/12Montréal, QC
Raage2000/03/18Québec, QC
Defeats TNT and Black Eagle in a 3-way match.
Kid Rock2000/04/01Montréal, QC
Black Eagle [3]2000/04/15Montréal, QC
TNT [2]2000/04/29Montréal, QC
Deniss Sensation [2]2000/05/20Montréal, QC
Bishop2000/09/17Laval, QC
Nightstalker2000/10/21Montréal, QC
Nova Cain2001/02/24Montréal, QC
Defeats Nighstalker, Diablero, and Bishop in a 4-way match.
Jayzon Reaper2001/06/02Montréal, QC
Mr. Toronto Himself2001/09/08Montréal, QC
Defeats Reaper and Bishop in a 3-way match.
Flat Face Jeremy2001/11/10Montréal, QC
El Diablero Jr. [2]2002/03/23Montréal, QC
Flat Face Jeremy [2]2002/05/18Montréal, QC
Kazuko Yeroshima2002/12/21Montréal, QC
TNT [3]2003/03/22Montréal, QC
Kazuko Yeroshima [2]2003/05/17Montréal, QC
Defeats TNT, Diablero, Maxx Fury, Raid in a 5-way ladder match.
Steven le Sweet Boy [3]2003/05/31Mont-Saint-Grégoire, QC
Title retired on 03/09/13.