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Northern Championship Wrestling
Triple Crown Title

Chakal2007/12/15Montréal, QC
Defeats X-Treme champion Black Eagle and Cruiserweight champion Binovich Fouranov in 3-way match to unify both titles.
Busty Love2008/03/29Montréal, QC
Jake Matthews2008/05/17Montréal, QC
Defeats Busty Love and Bam Bam Blues in 3-way match.
Mark Andrews2008/08/30Montréal, QC
Defeats Matthews, Haiduk, and Busty Love in 4-way match.
Busty Love [2]2009/02/07Montréal, QC
Teams with James Stone to defeat Andrews & Jay Phenomenon.
Mark Andrews [2]2009/03/28Montréal, QC
Urban Miles2009/05/16Montréal, QC
Defeats Andrews, Busty Love, and Cobra in 4-way match.
Mr. Cobra2009/09/12Montréal, QC
Defeats Urban Miles, Busty Love, and Lufisto in 4-way match.
King TNT2010/01/23Montréal, QC
Defeats Cobra, Electrico, and Seth Seifer in 4-way match.
Electrico2010/05/15Montréal, QC
Defeats King TNT & Maxx Fury in a handicap match.
Karl Briscoe2010/09/25Montréal, QC
Pat Guénette2011/01/22Montréal, QC
Leon Saver2011/05/14Montréal, QC
Surfer Mitch2011/09/24Montréal, QC
Jagger2011/12/03Montréal, QC
Defeats Mitch, Alextrème, Bruiser Blackwell, Pitbull Brando, and Toxic in a 6-way match.
Alextreme2012/02/25Montréal, QC
Prince Kiol2012/06/02Montréal, QC
Defeats Alextrème, Surfer Mitch, Toxic, Electrico, and David Knox in a 6-way match.
Mark Andrews 2012/12/15 Montréal, QC
Defeats Kiol and Pat Skills in a 3-way match.
Jack Frost 2013/05/18 Montréal, QC
Defeats Andrews, Booglie, Jack Fost, Karl Briscoe, and Volkano in a 5-way match.
Apocalypse 2013/06/01Montréal, QC
Booglie 2013/09/14 Montréal, QC
Defeats Apocalypse, Jack Fost, and Muerte in 4-way match.
Jesse Champagne 2014/03/15 Montréal, QC
Eddy ErDogan 2014/09/06 Montréal, QC
Vacant in 14/12 when ErDogan leaves the promotion.
Fury 2014/12/13 Montréal, QC
Defeats Fuego Rudo, Volkano, and Leon Saver in 4-way match.
Leon Saver 2015/03/07 Montréal, QC
Fury [2] 2015/04/18 Montréal, QC
Leon Saver [2] 2015/05/02 Montréal, QC
Brad Alekxis 2015/12/12 Montréal, QC
Wins the first fall of a 3-way match against Saver and Electrico with a stipulation that the Triple Crown Title is at stake in the first fall and the Inter-Cities Title for the second fall.
Bonesetter 2016/02/20 Sainte-Thérèse, QC
Brad Alekxis [2] 2016/06/19 Sainte-Thérèse, QC
Title declared vacant because Alekxis spits on and throws the belt right after winning it.
James Stone 2016/10/15 Vercheres, QC
Defeats Jesse Champagne; title retired.