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Amateur Wrestling Association ( 1987/05 - 1991/12 )
Lutte Lanaudière ( 1991/12 1996/01
Northern Championship Wrestling ( 1996/01 - )
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/12/16)

Night Warriors: SuperStar & Great Pat 1987/05/09Joliette, QC
Awarded as the first Amateur Wrestling Association champions.
Can-Ita Connection1987/05/09Joliette, QC
Vacant on 87/08/12 when the team splits.
Spoiler & Wild Warrior1988/04/10Joliette, QC
Dan Tigers & Steve Tigers 1988/04/10Joliette, QC
SuperStar & Hawcky X1988/05/11Joliette, QC
Bam Bam & Mike Parezy 1988/06/01Joliette, QC
Vacant on 88/08/24 when Parazy leaves the promotion.
Frank Blues & Riccky Riddick1988/09/07Joliette, QC
Les Fabuleux: Phil Bélanger & Rick Lawrence 1988/12/17Joliette, QC
Vacant on 89/02/10 when the team splits.
Syl Dancer & Jym Dancer1989/03/15Joliette, QC
Awarded; vacant on 89/06/23.
Hawcky X & Wild Warrior 1991/10/31Berthierville, QC
Syl Dancer & Master Chief1991/10/31Berthierville, QC
Vacant on 91/11/01.
Fantastic Express: Syl Dancer & Fantastic Franky1991/12/19Joliette, QC
Defeat Black Bear & Roby in 4-team tournament final to become the Lutte Lanaudière champions; vacant on 92/08/16 when Franky suffers back injury.
Jet-Set Team: Le General & El Diablero1992/11/07Joliette, QC
Win a 4-team tournament.
Fantastic Express [2] 1993/06/09Joliette, QC
Headhunters1993/11/06Joliette, QC
Power and Speed1993/12/11Joliette, QC
Les Bourreaux: Damien & Lucifer1994/03/19Joliette, QC
Les Bourreaux: Damien & Warlock1994/07/08
Warlock replaces Lucifer.
Wild Thing1994/09/01Beauharnois, QC
Les Bourreaux: Damien & Lucifer [2]1994/09/02
Awarded back to Les Bourreaux due to lack of the contract for the 94/09/01 match.
Wild Thing [2]1994/10/15Joliette, QC
Crazy Dragons: Caméléon & El Diablero Sr.1995/01/07Joliette, QC
Power and Speed [2]1995/01/21Joliette, QC
Crazy Dragons [2]1995/03/18Joliette, QC
Syl Dancer & Cowboy Bob1995/05/13Épiphanie, QC
Crazy Dragons [3]1995/05/27Beauharnois, QC
Power and Speed [3]1995/06/03Joliette, QC
New Jet-Set Team: Alexandre la Magnifique & Tod Hiroshima1995/09/16Éoiphanie, QC
Cowboy Bob & Boris Kruschevv1996/01/07Épiphanie, QC
Syl Dancer & Boris Kruschevv1996/01/14
Cowboy Bob retires and gives his half of the title to Dancer.
Les Nouveaux Bourreaux: Damien & Satan1996/01/14Montréal, QC
Becomes NCW Title.
Rock "n" Roll Gang1996/02/04Montréal, QC
Dream Team1996/03/24Montréal, QC
Wild Thing [4]1996/06/01Joliette, QC
Les Sweet Boys1996/10/11Lavaltrie, QC
La Secte: Syl le Sadique & Yvan L'Imitateur1997/06/07Joliette, QC
La Secte: Syl le Sadique & Joe Milano1997/08/31
Sadique chooses Milano as new partner when L'Imitateur is suspended.
Dream Warriors: Nightmare & Nighstalker1997/10/04Rigaud, QC
La Cosa Nostra: Franky the Mobster & Raiden 1997/12/07Montréal, QC
Les Vipères1997/12/21Montréal, QC
Les Frères de Sang1998/02/28Joliette, QC
Dream Warriors [2]1998/03/21Montréal, QC
La Cosa Nostra [2]1998/04/04Joliette, QC
Defeat Nightmare & El Diablero (Ben le King) when Nightstalker no-shows.
Dream Warriors [3]1998/04/11ValleyField, QC
Les Frères de Sang [2]1998/05/09Joliette, QC
Les Vipères [2]1998/05/24Montréal, QC
Dream Warriors [4]1998/05/31Valleyfield, QC
Cosa Nostra [3]1998/06/13Joliette, QC
Defeat Nightmare & Marc le Grizzly (subbing Nightstalker), Les Frêres de Sang, and Les Vipères in 4-way match.
Les Vipères [3]1998/07/19Montréal, QC
Marc le Grizzly & Black Eagle1998/08/08Saint-Benoit, QC
Cosa Nostra [4]1998/08/23Joliette, QC
Accès Interdit: Chakal & Piranah1998/11/07Montréal, QC
New Wild Thing: Iceman & Black Eagle 1999/01/30Montréal, QC
Accès Interdit [2]1999/02/20Montréal, QC
New Wild Thing [2]1999/03/14Toronto, Ontario
Deadly Venumm: Cobra & Guy Williams1999/03/20Montréal, QC
Defeat New Wild Thing, Accès Interdit, and Dream Warriors in 4-way match.
Accès Interdit [3] 1999/04/10Montréal, QC
New Wild Thing [3]1999/06/05Joliette, QC
Dream Warriors [5]1999/09/18Montréal, QC
Dead Line: Nightmare & Chakal2000/01/08Montréal, QC
Defeat Nightstalker & Deniss Sensation after Dream Warriors split.
Shockwave: Nightstalker & Blaze 2000/02/12Montréal, QC
Dead Line [2] 2000/02/19Québec, QC
Deadly Venumm [2]2000/02/26Montréal, QC
Iceman & Dream Killer2000/03/11Montréal, QC
Deadly Venumm [3]2000/03/11Montréal, QC
New Jet-Set Team: Dream Killer & Black Bear2000/03/18Québec, QC
Deadly Venumm [4]2000/03/18Québec, QC
Dead Line [3]2000/04/01Montréal, QC
Shockwave [2]2000/05/20Montréal, QC
Vacant on 00/06/04 when Blaze has shoulder injury.
Vicieux & Délicieux: Marc le Grizzly & Kid Rock2000/06/11Montréal, QC
Defeat Juggalos, Reapers, Dead Line, and Deadly Venumm in a tag team battle royal.
TNT & El Diablero Jr.2000/09/02Montréal, QC
Deadly Venumm [5]2000/09/23Montréal, QC
TNT & El Diablero Jr. [2]2000/11/04Montréal, QC
Deadly Venumm [6]2000/11/19Montréal, QC
Vicieux & Délicieux [2]2000/12/16Montréal, QC
Shockwave [3]2001/06/02Montréal, QC
TNT & El Diablero Jr. [3] 2001/06/02Montréal, QC
Nova Cain & Blaze [4]2001/09/15Mont-Saint-Grégoire, QC
Defeat El Diablero Jr. & Kid Rock (subbing TNT).
Franky the Mobster & Nightmare2001/09/22Montréal, QC
Accès Interdit [4]2001/12/15Montréal, QC
Dream Warriors [6]2002/01/26Montréal, QC
Ground Zero: Marc le Grizzly & Jayzon Reaper2002/05/18Montréal, QC
Under Construction: Nova Cain & Jagged2002/08/17Montréal, QC
Vertigo: Raage & Bishop2002/10/26Montréal, QC
Ground Zero [2]2003/01/11Montréal, QC
Vertigo [2]2003/05/17Montréal, QC
La Coalition Russe: Gorgeous Mike & Binovich Fouranov2003/09/13Montréal, QC
Double Trouble: Flat Face Jeremy & Julie le Red Fuxx2003/09/20Mont-Saint-Grégoire, QC
La Coalition Russe [2]2003/09/20Mont-Saint-Grégoire, QC
Nova Cain & Blaze2003/11/22Montréal, QC
Club Élites: Chase Ironside & Chris Stevens2004/02/07Montréal, QC
Win a gauntlet match against Blaze (Nova Cain injured), Phat & Furious: Raid & Reaper, 2.0: Jagged & Shane Matthews, and Kazuko Yeroshima & Diablero.
2.0: Jagged & Shane Matthews2004/05/01Montréal, QC
Too Phat & Furious: Raid & Mad Dogg2004/09/18Montréal, QC
Fresh Factor: Jay Phenomenon & Diablero2005/01/08Montréal, QC
Defeat Too Phat & Furious, Les Mansours: Adib & Sidi, and Ash & Pierre in 4-way match.
Les Mansours: Adib & Sidi2005/02/05Montréal, QC
2.0 [2]2005/04/02Montréal, QC
Adrenaline Rush: Samson & Jimmy Stone2005/05/14Montréal, QC
Defeat 2.0 and Mansours & Fresh Factor in 3-way match.
Reality Check: Don Paysan & Alex Price2005/09/10Montréal, QC
Win a gauntlet match.
Armes de Destruction Massive: Tank & Mad Dogg2005/11/26Montréal, QC
Anger Management: Stalker & Mark Andrews2005/12/17Montréal, QC
Defeat Armes de Destruction Massive, Busty Love & Domino Jonathan, and Diablero & Karl Briscoe in 4-way match; vacant on 06/01/07 when Nightstalker retires.
Armes de Destruction Massive [2]2006/02/04Montréal, QC
Defeat Adrenaline Rush: Samson & Jimmy Stone in 12-team tournament final.
Adrenaline Rush [2]2006/05/13Montréal, QC
KBJP: Jay Phenomenon & Karl Briscoe2006/10/28Montréal, QC
Bloodlines: Julie le Red Fuxx & Black Eagle2006/12/16Montréal, QC
Defeat KBJP, Armes de Destruction Massive: Tank & Mad Dogg, and & Adrenaline Rush: Samson & Jimmy Stone in 4-way match.
Armes de Destruction Massive [3] 2007/03/17Montréal, QC
Cobra & Haiduk 2007/05/19Montréal, QC
Defeat Armes de Destruction Massive, KBJP: Jay Phenomenon & Karl Briscoe, and Guil Reno & Frank Blues in 4-way match.
Deadline [4]2007/09/01Montréal, QC
Don Paysan & Bishop2007/09/15Montréal, QC
KBJP [2]2007/11/24Montréal, QC
Explosive Synergy: Diablero & Deniss Sensation2008/05/17Montréal, QC
KBJP [3]2008/07/26Montréal, QC
Defeat Explosive Synergy, Pretty in Pink, and Project 13: Guil Reno & James Kraven in 4-way match.
La Résistance: Sylvain Grenier & Rob Conway2008/08/30Montréal, QC
Pretty in Pink: Kid Rock & Gorgeous Mike2008/10/25Montréal, QC
Defeat La Résistance, KBJP: Jay Phenomenon & Karl Briscoe, Project 13: Guil Reno & James Kraven in 4-way match.
Mansours Brothers: Adib & Sidi [2]2009/01/24Montréal, QC
Project 13: Guil Reno & James Kraven2009/03/28Montréal, QC
Pretty in Pink [2]2009/09/12Montréal, QC
Defeat Guil Reno & TNT (subbing for Kraven) and Titans: Bishop & Chakal in 3-way match.
Les Titans: Bishop & Chakal2009/12/12Montréal, QC
Defeat Mike & Joz when Kid Rock no-shows.
Project 13 [2]2010/02/27Montréal, QC
Defeat Chakal & Anna Minoushka when Bishop no-shows.
Pure Talent: Steve Blackwell & Ivan Sullivan2010/03/13Montréal, QC
Les Titans [2]2010/04/17Montréal, QC
Project 13 [3]2010/05/15Montréal, QC
Defeat Titans, Pure Talent: Steve Blackwell & Ivan Sullivan, and Les Frais in 4-way match.
Mr. Cobra & Jay Phenomenon2010/09/25Montréal, QC
Defeat Reno & Mary Lee Rose when Kraven has back injury.
King's Court: Cobra & Anna & Kiol2010/11/20Montréal, QC
Defeat Phenomenon & Ozzy when the team splits.
Crime Inc.: Spiky & Rick Ross2011/03/26Montréal, QC
Defeat Kings Court in handicap match.
Pat Guénette & Marvelous Jeff2011/09/03Montréal, QC
Defeat Crime Inc, Pure Talent: Steve Blackwell & Ivan Sullivan, and Gorgeous Mike in 4-team elimination match.
Agence: Urban Miles & Leon Saver2011/10/22Montréal, QC
Vacant on 11/12/03 after a 4-team match ends with a double pinfall.
Stone & Samson2012/01/28Montréal, QC
Defeat Mobster 357 & Buxx Belmar in 13-team tournament final.
La Vague Radioactive: Surfer Mitch & Toxic2012/06/23Montréal, QC
Defeat Samson & Stone and Le Tarbanac de Team: Thomas Dubois & Mathieu St-Jacques in a 3-way match.
Les Titans [3]2012/11/17Montréal, QC
Vacant on 12/12/15 for the annual Tag Team Turmoil tournament.
Le Tarbanac de Team: Thomas Dubois & Mathieu St-Jacques2013/01/05Montréal, QC
Defeat Heavy Metal Chaos in 14-team tournament final.
Les Titans [4] 2013/02/23 Montréal, QC
Les Injusticiers: Gorgeous Mike & Prince Kiol 2013/11/02 Montréal, QC
Les Titans [5] 2014/01/04 Montréal, QC
Defeat Les Injusticiers in the first round of the annual Tag Team Turmoil tournament.
Les Colosses: Spike & Mike Gibson 2014/01/04 Montréal, QC
Defeat Les Titans in the second round of the Tag Team Turmoil; win the tournament by defeating Heavy Metal Chaos: Alextreme & James Stone in the final.
Heavy Metal Chaos: Alextreme & James Stone 2014/02/08 Montréal, QC
Les Colosses [2] 2014/02/15 Montréal, QC
Trauma Unit: Korvus & Mercer 2014/05/17 Montréal, QC
Defeat Les Colosses, L'Agence, and Les Titans: Bishop & Chakal in 4-way match.
Strangebulls: Oliver Strange & Justin Turnbull 2014/12/13 Montréal, QC
Phénomène Urbain: Jay Phenomenon & Urban Miles 2014/12/13 Montréal, QC
Strangebulls [2] 2015/05/16 Montréal, QC
Les Colosses [3] 2015/09/05 Montréal, QC
Heavy Metal Chaos [2] 2015/11/14 Montréal, QC
Grindhouse: Marc Mercer & Stew Korvus 2016/11/19 Sainte-Thérèse, QC
Declared vacant on 17/06/21 after 4-way elimination match against Turnbull & Gray, #TheBest: Logan Reid & Spunk, and Beauty & the Damned in Sainte-Thérèse, QC ends as no contest.
Leon Saver & Mary Lee Rose 2017/12/16 Sainte-Thérèse, QC
Defeat #TheBest: Logan Reid & Spunk, Hit Couple: Michael Style & Stefany Sinclair, and Cecil Nyx & Deeno Benjamin in 4-way match.