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Amateur Wrestling Association Heayyweight Title ( 1986/12 - 1992/03 )
Northern Championship Wrestling Inter-City Heavyweight Title ( 1992/03 -   )
(as of 2013/12/14)

Rick Lawrence86/12/18Joliette, QC
The first Amateur Wrestling Association Heayyweight champion.
Mart Garvin87/04/14Joliette, QC
Rick Lawrence87/12/18Joliette, QC
Wins by default when Garvin leaves the promotion.
Phil Bélanger88/03/08Joliette, QC
Awarded when Lawrence retires.
Lost Boy88/04/29Joliette, QC
Boris Kruschevv88/06/03Crabtree, QC
Frank Blues 90/05/22Joliette, QC
Vacant on 91/04/29 after a match against Boris Kruschevv.
Fred Della Serra91/05/27Joliette, QC
Defeats Black Bear in 8-man tournament final.
Black Bear92/03/15Joliette, QC
Becomes NCW Inter-Cités Title.
Frank Blues [2]92/10/03Joliette, QC
Reigning Quebec champion, wins a double title match; vacates the Inter-Cités Title on 92/11/07 but keeps the Quebec Title.
Jack le Bûcheron992/12/05Joliette, QC
Defeats Phil Bélanger.
El Diablero Sr.93/03/06Joliette, QC
Boris Kruschevv [2]93/04/03Joliette, QC
El Diablero Sr. [2]93/11/13Joliette, QC
Syl Dancer94/03/12Joliette, QC
Phil Bélanger [2]94/11/26Joliette, QC
Black Bear [2]95/01/14Joliette, QC
Crazzy Eddy95/03/11Joliette, QC
Boris Kruschevv [3]95/03/25Joliette, QC
Phil Bélanger [3]95/04/08Joliette, QC
Iceman95/06/03Joliette, QC
Le Rebel (Guy Williams)96/01/07Épiphanie, QC
Caméléon96/03/09Épiphanie, QC
Syl Dancer [2]96/05/04Montréal, QC
Defeats Caméléon and Le Rebel in 3-way match.
Le Caméléon [2]96/05/18Beauharnois, QC
Defeats Syl Dancer and Le Rebel in 3-way match.
Le Rebel [2]96/05/26Montréal, QC
Le Caméléon [3]96/06/01Joliette, QC
Defeats Le Rebel and Syl Dancer in 3-way match.
Alexandre le Magnifique96/09/13Lavaltrie, QC
Marc le Grizzly97/01/18Montréal, QC
Mike Lyons97/03/15Montréal, QC
Marc le Grizzly [2]97/06/07Joliette, QC
Marz97/10/11Montréal, QC
Alexandre le Magnifique [2]97/11/23Montréal, QC
Dream Killer97/11/30Montréal, QC
Syl le Sadique [3]98/01/25Montréal, QC
Vacant on 98/01/31 when Sadique wins Quebec Title.
Daniel Léon98/03/21Montréal, QC
Defeats Géant Golem in 8-man tournament final.
Alexandre le Magnifique [3]98/06/13Montréal, QC
Defeats Léon and Dream Killer in 3-way match; vacant on 98/07/11 when Magnifique is suspended.
Dream Killer [2]98/07/11Joliette, QC
Defeats Chakal.
Le Géant Golem98/08/23Joliette, QC
Marc le Grizzly [3]98/09/12Mont-Laurier, QC
Le Géant Golem [2]98/09/26Montréal, QC
Teams with Guy Williams & Cobra to defeat Grizzly & Iceman & Black Eagle in a 6-man tag team match.
Yvan L'Imitateur99/04/10Montréal, QC
Le Géant Golem [3]99/04/24Montréal, QC
Steven le Sweet Boy99/08/07Montréal, QC
Eric Shelley99/10/16Montréal, QC
Chakal99/11/13Beauharnois, QC
Franky The Mobster99/12/18Montréal, QC
Eric Shelley [2]00/02/12Montréal, QC
Franky the Mobster [2]00/03/11Montréal, QC
Steven le Sweet Boy [2]00/04/01Montréal, QC
Eric Shelley [3]00/04/15Montréal, QC
Franky The Mobster [3]00/05/20Montréal, QC
Defeats Shelley and Sweet Boy in 3-way match.
Dream Killer [3]00/09/09Québec, QC
Awarded when Franky cannot defend the title.
Nightmare00/09/09Québec, QC
Wins the Dream Killer Invitational War Match against Nova Cain, Bishop, Nighstalker, and J.F. McAllister.
Deniss Sensation00/10/07Montréal, QC
Nightmare [2]00/10/07Montréal, QC
Jayzon Reaper00/10/14Québec, QC
Nightmare [3]00/11/11Québec, QC
Eric Shelley [4]01/01/14laval, QC
Cobra01/03/09Montréal, QC
Awarded when Shelly leaves the promotion.
Nightmare [4]01/04/21Montréal, QC
Chakal [2]01/06/02Montréal, QC
Steven le Sweet Boy [3]01/09/29Québec, QC
Blaze01/11/10Montréal, QC
Defeats Big Guns Guido, subbing for Steven; vacant on 02/03/23 when Blaze ordered by doctor to stop wrestling at least for a year.
Black Eagle02/03/23Montréal, QC
Defeats Steven le Sweet Boy in 4-man tournament final.
Nightstalker02/08/17Montréal, QC
Black Eagle [2]02/10/12Montréal, QC
Diablero02/11/23Montréal, QC
TNT03/02/08Montréal, QC
Deniss Sensation [2]03/08/16Montréal, QC
Defeats TNT and Steven le Sweet Boy in 3-way match.
Diablero [2]03/10/11Montréal, QC
Deniss Sensation [3]03/12/20Montréal, QC
Defeats TNT, Diablero, and Kazuko Yeroshima in 4-way match; vacates on the same day upon retirement.
Bishop04/02/07Montréal, QC
Defeats Chakal in 8-man tournament final.
Blaze [2]04/03/06Montréal, QC
Binovich Fouranov04/05/01Montréal, QC
Vacant on 04/10/06 after Fouranov undergoes a shoulder surgery.
Gorgeous Mike04/10/30Montréal, QC
Defeats Nova Cain, Bishop, and Sunny War Cloud in 4-way match.
Binovich Fouranov [2]04/12/18Montréal, QC
Nova Cain05/01/15Montréal, QC
Binovich Fouranov [3]05/03/19Montréal, QC
Gorgeous Mike [2]05/05/14Montréal, QC
Defeats Fouranov and Nova Cain in 3-way match.
Raid05/11/05Montréal, QC
Diablero [3]06/05/20Beauceville, QC
Raid [2]06/06/17Montréal, QC
James Kraven06/10/28Montréal, QC
Don Paysan06/12/16Montréal, QC
Defeats Kraven, TNT, Diablero, and Deniss Sensation in 5-way ladder match.
Samson07/03/17Montréal, QC
Jimmy Stone07/09/15Montréal, QC
Samson [2]07/10/27Montréal, QC
Defeats Stone, Gorgeous Mike, and Jake Matthews in 4-way match.
Jimmy Stone [2]07/12/15Montréal, QC
Nova Cain [2]08/03/15Montréal, QC
Jay Phenomenon subs the injured Carin and defends the title against James Stone on 08/08/16.
Tank08/09/13Montréal, QC
Jay Phenomenon09/01/24Montréal, QC
James Stone [3]09/05/02Montréal, QC
Jay Phenomenon [2]09/05/16Montréal, QC
Urban Miles10/05/15Montréal, QC
Wins a 6-way match against Phenomenon, Sidi Mansour, Mark Andrews, Karl Briscoe, and Pee Wee.
Handsome J.F.10/11/06Montréal, QC
Defeats Urban Miles and Marvelous Jeff in 3-way match.
Marvelous Jeff10/12/18Montréal, QC
Handsome J.F. [2]11/03/05Montréal, QC
Mark Andrews11/05/14Montréal, QC
Defeats J.F., Urban Miles, Gorgeous Mike, and Marvelous Jeff in 5-way ladder match.
Buxx Belmar11/10/22Montréal, QC
Mobster 35711/12/03Montréal, QC
Gorgeous Mike [3]12/04/07Montréal, QC
Pat Guénette12/06/02Montréal, QC
Urban Miles [2]12/10/13Montréal, QC
Leon Saver 13/02/09 Montréal, QC
William Brady 13/09/14 Montréal, QC
Handsome J.F. [3] 13/12/14 Montréal, QC

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